Release The Draining Caverns of the Winged Beast - 5e module - Available on Drivethru RPG


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Check out this module for 5e on Drivethru RPG! $1! 3-4 hour adventure, designed for level 5-6 adventurers.

A monster is stealing livestock from a farming village, but recently tried to nab a kid - now the village wants revenge. No one has gotten a good look at it since it comes as night falls, earning it the name the Dusk Claw. Venture off through the hill country, shared between the village and a new goblin encampment, and find this beast's lair.
You will find the beast is a construct sent by a gentleman vampire who would rather keep his hands clean of the hunt. But now that you've found him out, he will have to act accordingly.

Includes a map of the village, the countryside, and the beast's cave.
You can find it here.

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