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DMs Guild The Dreamer in the Dark: A Horror-themed 5e Cavern Crawl

Hello all,

I'm excited to share my recent publication, The Dreamer in the Dark. It's a 3-4 hour adventure for 7th-9th level characters. If your party likes horror-lite dungeon crawls, keep reading:

The party is tasked to investigate the disappearance of a prospecting band in a mountain cavern, and, if possible, to find the riches they were searching for. Unknown to all is the dark horror the party will discover, for in the darkness the Dreamer waits...and hungers.


  • Immersive, horror-themed cavern crawl.
  • Journal-based storytelling: discover the fate of the previous expedition through the records they left behind.
  • A Risk mechanic that responds to the party's exploration of the cavern.
Check it out here. Thanks!

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