The Dungeon Playground



Hi there,

I created a user interface where you can store your characters, weapons, equipment and attacks. You can then create a game and battle with the characters.
It can handle formulas, e.g.

3d6 + char.skills.magic_types.Fire_magic.skill will be converted in the actual diceroll plus the fire magic skill of the player making the attack.

You can also add "states" that modify variables. E.q. the fire magic skill can be modified with "+2" for x rounds with a state.
You can also add fields to the play field where you can mass add states for a group of players or add events for them. An event could be 2 damage each player round or heal whenever a player attacks .... the possibilities are quite rich.

The project can be found on github: NightflyerX/dungeon-playground and is easy to install.

It doesn't replace a physical board game, but it sure helps with keeping track of your life points, mana points and takes over the numerous calculations needed. All the actions are logged in a chat at the right and the game is updated whenever one player makes an action. It can be played with PC/Laptop, tablet or even the smart phone.

If I get interested feedback here I will take on the work to write a full guide for how to and what is possible.

Greetings, Nightflyer