The easiest & quickest RPGs?


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What are the easiest & quickest RPGs? Games that you can buy, read and understand in one day. Then play on the second day with character creation and all?

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Shadowslayer said:

Also probably out of print.
No, it is not. Toon, the Tooniversal Tour Guide, and Toon Munchkin are all available at Steve Jackson Games electronic product store. is the place to go. Toon Ace Catalog and Tooniversal Tour Guide are also available as print books from (which is the online print product store of Steve Jackson Games).


I've heard very good things about the Prince Valiant game, written by Greg Stafford (known best for Runequest). The resolution system has something to do with tossing coins.

An overview is here.
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I've known several people who played Amber Diceless RPG without having ever opened the rule book, or read the novels by Zelazny.

I've also played several Amber games without character sheets too.

Of course, you have to trust your gamemaster.

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