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The Eldritch Knight (a ftr/wix PrC, and Alt. Spellsword)


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+4 BAB
Armour casting 5% (from Netbook of feats)
Combat Casting
Craft Magical Arms and Armour
Proficiency with Simple, Martial Weapons and all armour types

HD: d8
BAB: Medium
Saves (F/R/W): Good/Bad/Good
Skills Points: 2+int
Skills: (Same as spellsword) basically all the important fighter and wizard skills.
L1 Weapon Channelling +1
L2 Armour Casting -10%, +1 caster level
L3 Somatic Thrust
L4 Armour Casting -10%, +1 caster level
L5 Weapon Channelling +2
L6 Armour Casting -10%, +1 caster level
L7 Spell Caching
L8 Armour Casting -10%, +1 caster level
L9 Improved Somatic Thrust
L10 Weapon Channelling +3, +1 caster level

Weapon Channelling - Eldritch Knight (EK) can create a latent weapon enchantment on him or herself. When the EK makes an attack this property comes into effect as if the weapon was enchanted, even if that weapon is not masterwork or just the EK's fists. The enchantment is created as per the regular rules in the DMG, but the cost of a masterwork weapon is excluded as none is needed. The maximum level of the enchantments in determined by the EK's level. At L1 enchantments can only total +1, L5 +2, and L10 +3. The simple attack and damage bonus may be selected. Once selected the EK may choose to dissapate the bonus at will at which point a new ability may be selected, but the costs of enchantment must be paid over again, including EXP
Armour Casting -10% - at levels 2, 4, 6, 8 the EK subtracts an addition -10% from their arcane failure rate.
Somatic Thrust - the EK may cast spells with somatic components through a hand holding a weapon. They are still subject to an AoA.
Improved Somatic Thrust - As Somatic Thrust, but the EK no longer incurs AoAs when casting while armed
Spell Cache - (As the Spellsword Cache, but with AoAs for activation and can attack) The EK gains the ability to create potions in a different medium, the EK's weapon. All the costs of making a potion are incurred. The EK may access the stored spells as a partial action that does not incur AoAs. Only spells with a range of "touch" can be stored. The cache can store offensive spells like Chill Touch. The EK must make a touch attack to discharge it effectively, if the attack missing the spell is wasted. The Cache can hold a total number of spell level equal to the EK's level plus their intelligence modifier

Any critiques? I'm not quite sure about the prereqs especially.
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I am being ignored because this PrC is good or because its so bad its not worth commenting on? Could I please get some feedback?


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I just came across the post today, but I can tell you the thing that was a stumbling block for me. Including a feat from The Netbook of Feats as a prerequisite. The last time I looked through the CNoF, I was unimpressed and developed a negative impression of it.


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Some comments:

Using a feat from Netbook of Feats is limiting
this PrC only to those allowing it. What are its prerequisites ?

I'm surprised that some Arcane casting is absent from the Prereqs.

I like the idea of using Craft Magical Arms and Armour, though.

I'm not sure about Weapon Channelling:
Does it stack with the weapon ? I don't think it should (keen vorpals anyone ? ;)).
Maybe in a very limited way with a specific type of weapon (one you have focus in).

Armour casting bonuses seems high, But I don't remember the spellsword ones.


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