D&D 4E The EN World "Build A Ridiculously Complicated Character for D&D 4e" thread.


I would think a hybrid chaos sorcerer/something with lots of conditional feats would be nigh-impossible to keep straight, but I have no time to stat that guy up.


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what do people think is 'complicated' ?
I would imagine the more complicated PCs are those with a focus on more than one of the following:
1) companions/minions (aka extra tactical movement to consider each round)
2) heavy emphasis on triggered powers (immediate interupts/reactions/etc - they complicate the thought process after each action on other creatures' turns)
3) heavy emphasis on triggered traits (i.e. things that change based on circumstance, such as bonuses against bloodied targets or bonuses when bloodied, or if the target has some specific condition, etc - they complicate the thought process and bonus-style calculations with each roll)
4) nonstandard changes based on effects (i.e. monk, barbarian, and warden are examples of classes that have their tactical choices for any given combat changed by the daily power (or full discipline power) in effect at the time... thus, it's really hard to adopt a single tactical style to last through an entire day's worth of encounters)...
5) maybe a focus on multiattack powers (just a lot more to add up per each attack, and therefore the potential for more situational modifiers for each and every attack roll)

mmm.. i'm sure there are more but that's what i can think up off the top of my head

My last character was fairly complex, by that measure. It was an Eladrin Fey/Darklock with Bard multiclass, with the Bard Paragon Path Grave Caller. It was heavily dependant upon the action economy. Curse requires a minor action to place on a target. A Rod of Corruption is used to spread the curse, which meant that cursing and dropping a minion was the optimal tactic. Grave caller's "Dirge on Inescapable Doom" (aka Deathmark) requires a minor action to place on the target giving two dice to roll for hits with encounter and daily powers, and damage on a miss. Shadow Warlock Armour makes up for the less than optimal stat build, to give combat advantage against cursed enemies, but only so long as the warlock moved 3 or more squares. An at-will teleport 5 took care of that.

By best mechanics on the third turn I could cut loose with Cursebite, action point, and hit with Cursegrind for major damage to most of the opponents on the field, with guaranteed minimum 3d6+(2xCHA) damage to one opponent. Get dazed and everything went to hell.
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