The Funeral (Stonegood judging) [finished]


Also, don't worry about speaking out of turn (don't amke long speeches, though) or making related skill checks, as I'll handwave away the time penalty for some of them if the argument is convincing enough.

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OOC: I didn't say this explicitly, but Raven was planning to make a jump from the little barge she's in to the rowboat to the West of it. To do this properly, she'd need a 20 feet running straightaway. Thus her position on the map isn't quite what she'd like. She'd prefer to be more where Nicollo is. If she can run over that terrain, then a 10 foot jump would be DC10. Raven has a jump check mod of +6, so that's worth the risk. If she can't get a running start, then it's too risky, and instead she will use her dimension leap ability next round to 'port over to the pier next to the mirror imaged wizard. She can dimension jump 30 feet as a standard action, and ought to be able to pull that off by being in the barge w/Lormand. Either way, she wants to move onto the barge with Lormand.

IC: "Lormand! Coming through! We'll help you get the crystal!" she says, not too loudly, as she moves onto the raft with him.


The man with the probe
Stulgar Swift: AC: 19 HP: 25

Stulgar's muscles pump up as his rage builds. He chugs his potion and takes off after the woman, jumping over to boats and docs.

OOC: Raging, Shifted, and Hasted, Stulgar's move is 80'. He needs to make 3 jumps with a net jump bonus of +29. I'll draw his path.

Stulgar's 3 jump attempts. (1d20+29=45, 1d20+29=45, 1d20+29=46) Should clear 22, 22, and 23 feet respectively, should be enough.


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The man with the probe
OOC: Dang it, I'm not Oereth, where I counted that from before, so that puts Stulgar in the air towards the woman. He'll probably just stop on the edge.

OOC2: Where did the shifter(s) go on the map?


ooc: That's correct of you count diagonals as 1 square, but not by the rule of "first diagonal is 1 square, second counts as 2". The second jump is 25 feet long, and without a proper running start. You failed by less that 5, so you can make a DC 15 Ref save to grap the pier, or you may spend and action point and try to reach the mark of 50.

ooc2: The shifter went north, outside the map.


The man with the probe
OOC: Actualy, I stoped before the 3rd jump anyway, see my notes about running out of movement before getting there (I was at 75' getting to the place I started the 3rd jump from) The other 2 jumps are 5 and 10 feet respectively.


Stulgar’s furry blur of jumping motion leads him not far away from the multiplied woman and his bodyguards, who fight against the half orcs. He’s followed by Orereth, not very srue about what to do. In front of Stulgar, one of Lormand’s men slashes the half orc on the leg as he’s busy trying to skewer his companion to the north, making him growl in frustration.

”Get the crystal” nods Lormand to Raven. “We’ll contain the warforged” He concentrates on the neares warforged, who suddenly falls on one knee but immediately continues advancing with mechanical resolve.

[Lormand and his guys.
Siobhan < ------
Ceshil, swordmen, warforged
Half orcs, shifter and woman


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Niccolo - male human swashbuckler

"If you'd just said earlier that you had the crystal, you would have saved a lot of hassle!" Niccolo calls to the woman. He pulls the cork out of his potion and drinks it down, then makes a running leap towards the half-orcs.

OOC: Since we are all jumping, I guess the awesome thing is for me to head diagonally SW and leap across onto their dock. If I understand the square rules right, that counts as a 5' jump with not quite the required running start, so I guess it's DC 10. It looks like I have a normal +7 jump, +2 for the Heroism, -1 from the leg-cramps.

OOC: I'm not totally sure on the sequence of events here -- if I managed to drink my potion on a previous round, then I guess I can finish up this round with an attack on the half-orc.

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