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D&D (2024) The Great Nerf to High Level Martials: The New Grapple Rules


It takes a full action to escape a grapple. Grapple + prone is nearly a stun.
I would say not.

you can still attack your grappler, probably it should be prone with you so no disadvantage to attack.
You can cast all spells, you can drink potions, you just cannot move and others have advantage to melee attacks on you.

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I would like to see that without 6ft tentacles from the grappler.

Grappled and proned someone while still standing.


That's cute, but it's not an effective way to stop someone from killing you.
You think she can easily swing a battleaxe from that position?

She certainly has 0 move speed and can't reach your wizard until she escapes.

Meanwhile, you can drag her to a cliff and drop her.

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