D&D (2024) The Great Nerf to High Level Martials: The New Grapple Rules

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in one round it might be stretching it, but in two rounds is perfectly doable.
But you need a GOOD blood choke and both arms holding the target. And if the target is prone, your are prone with it.
Yeah. But that's not what 5e grappling sets out to model.

5e is more you got a hold of some hair, a collar, an ankle, etc. They're on the ground and you have control of their movement. They can still fight back. They just can't stand up unless they break your grip.

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Yep. I'm all for advanced grapples where you can also go prone to get some further advantages and options, though.
I'd be on board for these too. Maybe a chance to inflict stunned/paralyzed/etc. Though tbh, this is likely playing pretty far outside 5e's strengths, since most conditions would end up providing benefits that are redundant with "prone"


You think she can easily swing a battleaxe from that position?

She certainly has 0 move speed and can't reach your wizard until she escapes.

Meanwhile, you can drag her to a cliff and drop her.
You wouldn't need to "swing" a battle-axe to kill someone with it in that position. Also: Notice how she's helping him hold her up by holding onto his shoulders? Let go and shove your battle axe "up his skirt".

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