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Release The Halls of Arden Vul (Immense Megadungeon)


Heya Folks, thought everyone should know about the upcoming OSRIC/1e megadungeon The Halls of Arden Vul! Richard Barton (author), Andreas Claren (cartography), and I (editor) have been working on it for a long time. Rick started working on it about a decade or so ago (I believe) and Andreas jumped aboard soon thereafter. I've been working with them since 2013. I'm proud to say we're now in the final art-acquisition phase with a mid-2020 release date.

Arden Vul is more than 1,300 pages long in five volumes. The dungeon is composed of 5 surface levels, 10 main levels, and 15 sublevels. Over 2,000 different encounter locations are described, along with more than 150 new monsters and over 300 new magic items. There are about a dozen or so factions in the dungeon, to which the PCs can align or oppose. It is, IMO, a work of beauty. Something never seen before, and something that will never be seen again.

A preview of one of the level maps is below: Level 4, the Forum of Set. The levels are highly interconnected for good play. For example, here's the list of access and egress points for level 4.

Access and Egress Points
To surface: stairs at 4-122A, leading up to AV-39
To surface: teleportation via blue pillar at 4-167, leading to AV-29
To Level 3: stairs at 4-1, leading up to 3-110
To Level 3: tunnel at 4-88, leading up to 3-115
To Level 3: tunnel at 4-157 leading to escape tunnel at 3-105D
To Level 3: stairs at 4-159 leading up to 3-212A
To Level 3: teleportation via blue pillar at 4-167, leading to 3-123
To Level 5: tunnel at 4-87 leading down to 5-33
To Level 5: tunnel at 4-117, leading down to 5-117
To Level 5: river and whirlpool at 4-65 leading down to 5-103
To Level 6 (arena): corridor at 4-161 leading down to 6-67
To Level 6: teleportation via blue pillar at 4-167 leading to 6-48
To Level 7: tunnel at 4-90 leading down to 7-118
To Level 7: teleportation via blue pillar at 4-167 leading to 7-1
To Level 9: teleport via pukel-manders at 4-74 and 4-151A leading to 9-40
To Level 10: heqeti teleport well at 4-74, leading to 10-24
To Sub-Level 4 (Goblin Warrens): teleportation via blue pillar at 4-167 leading to SL4-53
To Sub-Level 5 (Lizardman caves): tunnel at 4-165 leading down to SL5-1
To Sub-Level 7 (Flooded Vaults): tunnel at 4-76, leading down to SL7-37
To Sub-Level 8 (Caves behind the falls): stairs at 4-162 leading down to SL8-19
To Sub-Level 9 (Kaliyani pits): oval staircase at 4-51B leading down to SL9-75
To Sub-Level 12 (Workshop of Kerbog Khan): tunnel at 4-175A leading down to SL12-13
To Sub-Level 13 (Lost Chambers of Arden): stairs at 4-168 leading down to SL13-09
To various areas: Thothian teleportation rings at 4-122 and 4-171
To the Abyss: gate at 4-152

Teleport destinations on Level 4:
4-167: from one of the teleporters in 6-48

Level 4 - The Forum of Set B&W for blog.png

joe b.

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Lurker Above

I love megadungeons in the abstract and they're fun to read. Sadly I just don't get to play often enough to ever finish one. Actually getting ready to play Greg Gillespie's latest, Highfell, but that one's really easy to one shot or do in limited doses because of how it's set up. And I agree that Rappan Athuk is pretty awesome in its baroque complexity.