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The kindness of friends...


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One of my friends dropped by gaming the other night, couldn't stop to play as he was up to his eyeballs in silicone, Though he did stop by an op shop recently and picked up the following for $2 each:

* Undermountain box set
* Kara-Tur box set
* Plane Scape Planes of Law box set

I am interested to know how much of a bargain these gems are and what they are like. I grabbed undermountain as my first intro to D&D was the computer game Eye of the Beholder and undermountain is very close to my heart.
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Those are good prices. There's a FLGS around here in Seattle, where they sell lots of old BD&D, AD&D stuff for around $5-$10.


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That's it, Kara-Tur. The guy who picked up Plane Scape asked if there was any chance of playing them and I reminded him of the different mindset back then. As in, just not rolling and saying "I search for traps".


The mindset depends on your group. For a long time in 2E (and days before) we were the group that did "just roll to find traps".

When I first got my hands on Karu-Tur, I thought it would be a great game to pick up. After reading through it a bit, it felt like it was too grounded/tied to "real-world" orient and not fantastic/loose enough (I've been bitten by the L5R Rokugan bug myself). I've had similar responses to the Horde & Maztica worlds - they seem like they would have great potential but the write-up feels encyclopediac and uninspiring, as if attempting too hard to model the real world instead of a fantastic one.

Planescape though, is just wild - it's well done and captures a feel unlike any other game world I've run across, berk. It's one of those campaign worlds that regardless of edition, it'd be a fun romp, just to try and give the Lady the laugh.


Kara-tur, not only because is the original setting for Oriental Adventures, but by the rarity.

Planes of Law is another it's also OK, I love the Planescape Setting in general.

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