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The Last of Us (HBO Max)


Was good. The kid part and the clothing was confusing and why was Joel dumping that body ?I’m assuming that children get it at a certain age as there are no kids?
First part was to show that they put down people who have it ahead of time. There was a sign on the wall talking about onset times after infection, and when she tested positive after the cut on her leg I kinda knew what was going on.

The body dumping part was a work detail that he was working in the Zone. I think it was also to show that this is a different Joel than we had just seen from 20 years earlier, he was harder, and willing the treat someone who looked like his daughter like cordwood.

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Anybody else love the music code broken bit? I thought that was awesome. One thing this show seems to be doing a good job of is giving the audience info through foreshadowing that you might assume is going to ruin a surprise, but you enjoy the hell out of how it goes down anyways.

That sprung to mind when they were standing there eying up the rooted infected. But yeah, I assume it's going to be like how the main cast of Game of Thrones never wore helmets.

In the game there are sometimes spores you have to worry about, and you'd put on a gas mask, but for the TV show I understand why they wouldn't want to hide their actors' faces.

My wife (hasn't played the games) and I (has played the games) both enjoyed it. I think it speaks to how well that section works that they practically used the opening of the videogame almost verbatim.

Also, it was killing me trying to figure out who he was, but the fungal scientist in the part before that was Josh Hannah (from The Mummy and Spartacus).


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The young woman Ellie is the actress that played Lyanna Mormont on GoT. Looks like she has that same intensity. I didn't recognize Anna Torv at first. She looks so rough compared to her role on Fringe.

So we have The Mandalorian, Lady Mormont, and Agent Dunham. What's not to love? I'm looking forward to it.


He'll flip ya...Flip ya for real...
I'm not familiar with the video game, but this feels very similar to The Walking Dead to me?
On the surface, yes they seem similar. Though, I think there is a more focused story on the two main characters in Last of Us. I find this focused story to be both more engaging and less repetitive than Walking Dead is. YMMV.
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I'm not familiar with the video game, but this feels very similar to The Walking Dead to me?
It will be interesting to see how (or if) it differentiates itself apart from the fungus origins of the zombies. I wonder if the different mediums of their sources will make any kind of difference? I'm honestly not sure!

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