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D&D General The Leopard Men cult

Jeff Wrbelis

Got a Leopard-Man cultist done (inspired by Mr. Howery's similarly named adventure in Dungeon #22), and what a pain in the ass his hat was...I thought I'd fine a good jaguar stl and remix that but the only free one was a wire frame one...had to go in and remove the holes that were his spots manually (took a few hours getting this guy done because of that...his claws were an easy make in mesh-mixer. Finally I just did one side of the cat, cut it in half and mirrored the finished side or I'd still be working on him. There's a slight seem, but that wont print too obviously, as it's thin. Added a band that a low tech society might come up with to secure his terror-tool. There was also a skull-leopard stl for free and I tried it originally...but it was too bulky and the cat looked like bad taxidermy..but then, that might be more realistic. Might do a few more poses when I have ten hours free lol...

there's a few pic of the real cult from back in the day... https://face2faceafrica.com/.../how-this-secret-african...


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