D&D 5E The Lost Mines


This about the 3rd session we have had on Roll20

It is amazing the enthusiasm that a random group of players have for this game

We are so lucky that one of our players (Dan) reports on our adventures after each session.

We are playing the Lost Mines of Phandelver . A few of the names etc may be incorrect but I think that adds a bit

See below and thanks Dan


Aaler Amakiir High Elf Evocation Wizard

Ivon Spraggin Gnome Fighter

Okrin Aasimar Paladin

Renn Picklepatch Halfling Rogue

Uthal Bearkiller Gathakanathi Goliath Barbarian

The Journey Continues:
After negotiating terms with the goblin for the hostage Sidlars release the party ventures on to find Klarg and alleviate his hulking body of his head. Upon reaching a bridge Renn begins searching for traps whilst crouching down an arrow flies just over his head, he quickly returns the favour flinging a dagger into the darkness and hearing a recognisable screech of a goblin.

Not wanting to test his luck further he backs off letting the goliath Uthar charge forward into the darkness and engages the other goblins, she was quickly followed by Okrin who proved to be a formidable opponent blocking attacking blows and arrows with little effort. Spraggins providing covering fire with his crossbow although not managing to hit anything got some practice in. Aelar now finished with admiring himself in his pocket mirror saunters past Spraggins and makes his way over to the swirling melee and with the flick of a wrist sprays bubbles everywhere. The goblins initial chuckles at such a sight became screams quickly; upon these bubbles bursting as the acid burnt through their armor and flesh.

With this pack of goblins dispatched and Uthar edging further into the dark cave before she had realized what was charging down the tunnel she'd been hit in the chest with what felt like an ox charging. Klarg had made his appearance. Uthal although wounded was now enraged and brimming with fury than pain or anguish and swiftly swung her great axe across her chest and cleanly through Klargs neck severing his head from his shoulders. If she hadn't known better she would have thought there was a look of shock on Klargs face as it tumbled to the ground.
Everything fell silent if only for a moment while the remaining goblins and Klargs pet wolf were dispatched in kind, the wolf while biting down onto Okrins shield had its belly opened by Renn's quick sword work. Finally, all of Spraggins crossbow practice pays off and he kills one of the remaining goblins with a bolt clean between the eyes the gnome is elated at this. The final now scared and alone goblin is cut down by Okrin as more of a mercy than anything the pitiful little creature who had not long ago been eager to cut, bite and stab its way through the party.

The party loot all of Klargs treasure including a chest glittering with trinkets and gold; they then notice there are several crates belonging to the Lionshield Coaster filled with coffee, spices and herbs. The group collects up their belongings and Renn ties Klargs head to his back. They make it back to the goblin holding Sidlar hostage and as is often the case with Goblins the deal has now changed, they are demanding payment as well.

Spraggins sees his moment for glory having dealt with goblins many times before he quickly picks up some rocks from the ground and creates an illusion of gold. The goblins greedy eyes light up at the sight and a deal is struck, he releases the hostage to the party and they bolt it out of the cave with Sidlar in tow. As they are greeted with the warming embrace of the sun; screams of anger and "TRICKS US! TRICKS US WHAT THEY DID!" can be heard ringing out from the black.

The party takes a well-earned and long rest back at the carts loading up their crates of goods and takes the chance to talk to Sidlar. Sidlar the (clearly not so great) bodyguard of Gundrin explains that he overheard him being taken to 'Cragmaw Castle' but in Gundrins possession is a map with the entrance to perhaps a vast wealth and magical power.
The party delivers the goods to town and upon arrival Renn notices there are a lot of Red Brand Mercenary’s kicking around and avoids their piercing gaze on him. Gundrins request is completed and delivered to Barthen who comments "I'm not sure what he wants to do with all this mining equipment" (Renn assumes some mining but chooses to refrain from saying such things). Sidlar heads off to the inn while the party conducts the rest of their business.

The party then heads to the "Lionshield Coaster !" Uthal proudly exclaims as they approach, after much back and forth a deal is struck and a price for delivery is negotiated. Although not before Aelar could saunter about the shop informing the shopkeeper that "These clothes are for common folk!" and "Do I look like common folk to you!" before storming out in a fever of elven snobiness

Whilst this is happening Okrin is admiring a shrine when he's approached by a beautiful elven enchantress who requests his aid in obtaining a spell from a banshee she had tried herself but failed. Okrin, however, is no one's fool and as she is battering her eyelids at him enquires what's he to gain for assisting, after informing him she is but a humble sister decides she can part with three potions of healing for his services.

Finally, the party re-groups and heads to the inn for a well-earned rest, during the course of the evening they hear many rumors and tales although no one seems to know where Cragmaw Castle is although... Perhaps one old retired adventurer might Darren Edamouth. They find out the Banshee the sister had mentioned is near the woods in the forest, how the Red Brand bandits cleared out the bugbears that had been assaulting the town but are now more of a nuisance then with their base of operations being a camp up on the hill near Transender manor. Last but not least Uthal has been speaking to a racist old hag who might have some work for the party at the Mining Exchange in town.(edited)
The group drink the night away in rawkus laughter and drunken revelry at their great victory over the bugbear and completion of the task assigned eager to continue their adventures in the morning.

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