OSR The Monster Overhaul

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Any idea how to get this for those of us who missed the Kickstarter? I don't see any way to sign up for a mailing list for a retail release.

Per the campaign, "physical copies will be distributed by Indie Press Revolution, Compose Dream Games, and Soul Muppet Publishing if everything goes according to plan."

I bought my PDF/book combo of Industrial Magical Revolution (so, so good) from Indie Press Revolution, so I assume they will sell this through their web store as well.

We (Compose Dream Games) sent out all the books to Canadian backers, and have a good number for sale. Here's our listing: The Monster Overhaul

Just added a review to that listing which you are welcome to have a read of. I've rolled on some tables a few times myself and it is an awesome looking book. Last time I had a colossal rampaging Wasp playing with cow bones. I don't believe the other marketplaces @Whizbang Dustyboots mentioned have it yet.

We sell to Canadian FLGS too, so if you want to pick one up from a local store, they can get them from us.
You can get the PDF from us as well as print+pdf.
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Whizbang Dustyboots

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Thank you, @Thondor. I've been reloading the Kickstarter page for days, waiting to see when it's announced as being available through retail. I'm in Southern California, so a Canadian FLGS would be a tough sell to my significant other. ;)


Is this available in Retail? If so where?

At Compose Dream Games in Canada.

It's apparently coming to Indie Press Revolution in the states soon.

A few of our FLGS partners like Warp One in Edmonton and Dragon de Cuivre in Montreal already have copies. Our mostly up to date retailer list is here: Retailers
We're still getting the word out to them.

Of course, you are more then welcome to order direct. We'll also likely have a few copies at the next few conventions we attend: Ptarmicon (Yellowknife), Tabletop Scotland (Perth, UK), Brisbane Comic Con (Australia) and Essen Spiel (Germany).


@Thondor, I'm getting 404 errors off that page when I try the Marketplace and Bits & Mortar links.
Thanks for finding those. I've corrected the links.
Are the page previews from the book at this link? They seem to be from some game about Roman legions.
Ah . . . yes the two listing got mixed up at one point, and it does seem that this lingered. Images have been swapped back.
Thanks for the heads up!
(Centurion: Legionaries of Rome just hit it's tenth anniversary. It's a nice "light" game, where a single role does a lot—every die that conquers another produces an condition or effect. It packs a bunch of game-able history into it's small volume from 4 eras of Rome.)

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