The Mourning After (Horror) (IC)


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Maladiel gets up slowly, then looks at the dwarf pointing a crossbow in their general direction.

"Ozzar?" the half-elf says hesitantly, then smiles. "It seems you helped save me and the others inside! You have my gratitude once again."

He looks at the burning tavern with some regret. "Although it does pain me to see that place go up in flames. And Nissa here now without employment. And..." Looking around with alarm, Mal asks, "Where's the barkeep?"

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Nissa, covered in soot and a blanket, tugs weakly at Maladiel's sleeve. "Mal... he's still behind the bar..."

Eranna moves in to comfort the girl, though the best she can manage is a hug around the hobgoblin's waist. "Don't worry Nissa, we will always have a spot for you at The Broken Anvil Inn. Speaking of which, if the constable doesn't mind, we should get you and your friends off the street and away from the rubber-neckers. No need to make further spectacle of suffering."

After a few minutes, the fire brigade comes to the rescue on their bright red skycoach. Armed with modified Decanters of Endless Water backed up with a few choice castings of Control Flames, they quickly subdue the inferno. Cheers and applause come from the gathered crowd, which dissipates now that the action is over, leaving them only with a story to retell and punctuate their lives.

As the brigade packs their tools up, they debrief with the cleanup and survey crew. An unglamorous but necessary team that has the task of getting rid of the rubble, finding clues, and making sure that what's left of the tower doesn't crash into around it. From the crew, a half-elf with a writing-spellshard approaches you all. "Officer Nabadar, I presume? Detective Ivello, always a pleasure to meet a hero. From what I hear this fire would have been much worse without your quick action. Are these the witnesses? At any rate lets get you debriefed and interviewed so you can head home, it's been a long night."

GM: Go ahead and give your recollection of the events that happened. Feel free to embellish as mush as you would like. @Hades#2 if you would like we can introduce you as a witness here too
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"That's me, detective. Thanks for the praise, right now I don't feel heroic with this toothpick still sticking out of me. The culprits were unlucky to pass me by on their way to the tavern. You know that moment when you just know something bad is gonna happen? Well, that! I was literally on their heels. I'm sorry I couldn't prevent barkeeps death, I really didn't anticipate the explosion. Sorry, Nisa."

He lowers the crossbow fully and unclips the bolt. With a sigh, he lowers himself on a suitable peace of the street or at least leans on the wall.
"My shift ended. Can I follow this group with you, give a statement and go home? of you said something about being a doctor? Can you get this out of me? It isn't as deep as I thought, but it still hurts."

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the magical equivalent to the number zero
"I'm so sorry, Nissa," Mal says with genuine sorrow in his voice and eyes, as he realizes that the serving girl lost perhaps more a friend than simply a colleague. He places a hand on her shoulder, hesitating about being too comforting.

Before he can decide whether to hug or ignore Nissa, the detective interrupts the scene.

Mal smiles, managing to look both glad to meet someone new and sad at what has transpired at the same time.

"My name is Maladiel," he says, standing up and facing the other half-elf. "I was only a patron today, but I have worked among the staff in the past. Good to see that capable people are investigating this horrible accident!"

He proceeds to tell Detective Ivello how he was just sharing drinks with his gnome friend when the intruders barged in. Mal goes into specific details about each of the assailants, including speculations about their personalities and possible origins.

"The gnoll shot me with an arrow," he adds, pointing to the stained hole in his fine clothes. "I have no doubt you can have her pay for a new suit, because this one wasn't cheap."

His face does not easily give away whether he is serious about the clothes or not.

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Mal is making light of things; he's not truly that worried about his suit. He does hope to get the gnoll to pay, but he is not concerned if she won't.


Xian waits until the half elf gives his statement and asks for reimbursement for clothing costs. Xian grinned slightly in amusement at the bold move.

"Beg your pardon officer! Or is it detective? I do apologize as it can be difficult to tell sometimes. I had stopped by this establishment for a bit of refreshment and to perhaps inquire about potential employment. You see, I am an entertainer by trade but I suppose that is unimportant right now. Anyhow, I was minding my own business sipping a fine wine when these ruffians walked in and ruined the place. I believe there was a rather dire looking human, a gnoll, and what initially appeared to be a rather unique reptilian creature at first but sadly turned out to merely be 3 kobolds in disguise. Within moments some sort of flasks were tossed about and suddenly the place was on fire! It was quite terrifying! I do believe if it wasn't for the actions of these brave citizens, there would have been even more death and serious injuries. In fact, I nominate these citizens for a medal!"
"Oh! Where are my manners? I do suppose you require my name for your records. I am known as Xian Mrsic, entertainer of the people!"


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Maladiel raises one eyebrow as the other half-elf praises him for bravery. That's a first.

Pumping himself up a little more, Mal's gaze flicks to the detective to see if he believes it, then back to the one who introduced himself as Xian.

"Thank you for the kind words, brother," he addresses his fellow Khorovar, but being suspicious of the way the stranger praises them, Mal continues, "Who did you talk to about employment?"


"Alas I did not get the opportunity to discuss business before this travesty, nay, disaster took place. I erred in that I took a few moments to sample the wine first. I had not even finished my glass when those ruffians came in. I do play at the Hearth and Kettle in Boldrei's Hearth from time to time. The work is infrequent and thus the reason for seeking supplemental employment." Xian explained.


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"I cannot add anything else to the report except that I can confirm the death of the bartender, I tried to get to him after the explosion, but he was behind the bar when it happened on the direct path of the blast and all that alcohol. Also, the caster was an addict of some sort. If you please, officers, I am a nightwatchman for the nearby construction site and I need to sleep. Can you send us on our way?"

Malix looked at the shoulder wound of the watchman and pulled out the arrow. Looking at it, smelling the tip he almost discards it to the side before checking himself
"Do you want it for a souvenir? It doesn't seem poisoned." he produces small cloth from his bag. "Here, put this on the wound to help clotting, clean the wound with water and alcohol once you remove the armor. It should be fine."

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