The Mourning After (Horror) (IC)

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Tillington tracks the gnoll to the window, and fires. He then turns to his companion at his feet, and the barmaid staunching his wound. He's about to ask her to carry him outside, when the warforged they had spotted earlier grabns the body and begins to move. So she is safe, or safer than she'd be with him.

The noise is getting louder, and Tillington can feel the heat on his face.

"Is there anyone else inside?" he yells at the top of his voice. If he can see the one remaining fdrunk, he will go to him, get him to crouch down and make their way out, holding his breath as he does so. If he doesn't get a response, or if the drunk is already on his way out, he takes the bag (and any possessions Maladiel had left) and runs to the door.

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Ozzar hears the commotion on the side, but by the time he gets there is no one to shoot down. He would prefer to take one alive, but the crooks are a slippery kind. He does however pull gnolls body out of the window. Maybe clerics can ask a few questions. It occurs to him that the gnoll might still be alive, but there were people inside and maybe another bad guy.

"Everyone out, hands where I can see them!"
He bellows into the inn, covering the exit with his crossbow while at the same time remaining hopefully out of easy shooting from within

Actions: Move, pull the gnoll out, move back, bellow, if there is an action remaining, ready to shoot first person that shoots at him (unless I had to use dash to do all that running around the building :) )
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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"We're coming out! Bad guys are dead! We have wounded!"
Malix has barely enough strength to move the sorcerer. Luckily, sorcerers aren't usually to beefy.
"I am a doctor, a healer, once we're safe I can check your wounds."


Possibly a Idiot.
23rd of Vult, 997YK. Just after sunrise.
Callestan District, Sharn. Outside of the burning Imp and Owl.

Ozzar pulls the dead gnoll out of the window. The gnoll has his armor and weapons (Longbow, Spear, and Leather), but nothing else of note.

Tillington gets no response from inside the building, and makes his own escape.

Nissa helps Malix drag Maladiel outside. When they make it a safe distance away from the burning bar, Nissa falls to her knees and whimpers while staring at the raging inferno.

The smoke and commotion has roused several people from their slumbers. Some are locals, but most are visitors who were staying at the nearby inns. A small crowd gathers to gawk at the fire, offering reactions, rumors, and hearsay.

"The Imp and Owl, eh? Never liked their Eye-Scream Floats, still a pity."
"The work of the Dark Six no doubt."
followed by a prayer gesture "Sovereigns guide us!"
"Wasn't this a Boromar joint? Must have been a hit!"
"I was in there!"
Hic "There were fire-breathing dragons! Barely escaped with me life!"
"This district has gone to pot ever since Ilyra Boromar was elected Councilor. I told you all we should have voted for il'Marasha, but nobody listens to Ol' Scrappie!"

Other onlookers take in the scene then scramble to escape the district before the watch can show up, while A kindly looking halfing approaches Nissa with a blanket and a cup a Tal. "Nissa? It's me, Eranna. What happened last night, is anyone hurt?"

Nissa can only respond with tears.

GM: Shock and Awe combat over. It will be a few minutes before the fire brigade arrives.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Maladiel is far away. At first there was a sense of pain, of not wanting to be here, but it turned into a peaceful, sleep-like state of mind.

Empty. Calm. Fuzzy.

Except for that faint feeling, as if he forgot something important. Like a bee, buzzing around just close enough to be distracting, but not enough to focus on...

OOC: Still unconscious. Not sure how long that lasts without help.

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Outside, Tillington sees the body of Maladiel lying beside the road on the far side of the burning tavern. He reaches in his pockets, and pulls out the series of hooks, levers, and other devices he carries with him, and bends over the fallen figure.

"Let me help" he says, thrusting a small blade into the wound, and apparently cutting deeper. As he does, the wound begins to close and in seconds he withdraws the knife from a healed injury. "Can you hear me?" he asks, wiping the blade and putting it back in his pocket.

OOC: The Marvels of Modern Medicine.

Cast Cure wounds, regain 1d8+3=9 hit points.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
The nagging feeling increases, a bit painfully so, until suddenly it drops away.

Mal gasps, and the sensation brings him back fully into his physical body. Pain! is what his mind screams, then as the half-elf opens his eyes, he is confused about the near-lack of any pain.

Involuntarily his hand finds the place where he knows he was injured, but it only finds a small scarlike crust.

"Thanks," Maladiel says softly, looking into Tillington's eyes. Then, reluctantly, he adds, "I owe you."

OOC: Back to full health!

HP 7/7

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
"Not at all," says Tillington dismissing what was clearly a meaningful offer. "You're helping me. Right?" he says, tilting his head in the direction of the city gates.

For the second time that evening, there is blood on Tillington's hands.

"Alright!" huffs the dwarf brandishing a crossbow at the quartet "Who are you, do you know who these are and why were you attacked?"

Black haired dwarf with Kundarak tattoo wearing watch uniform keeps the weapon not quite directly pointed toward the group. The quarrel from gnolls crossbow sticks from his shoulder, the blood seeping slowly, staining the uniform.

He looks down at the bolt.
"Hrrmph! You guys are good guys here, let's not get too tense here. You're not under arrest. I grant you're the defenders here and you helped the people leave the burning building. But I will need to hold you as witnesses. Please don't make trouble, I'm not in the mood. I will vouch for you, I am a witness too."



I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Malix holds his hands away from his body after checking his mask is still in place. He offers to the (non?)threatening officer in dwarven
"Please, master Kundarak, we're just random patrons and the waitress..." he motions toward the crying hobgoblina "...I don't know them, they don't know me, and the attack was...I guess...gang related or just random violence since the caster was heavy drug user."

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