The New Paranoia is Here - and it is Perfect...


The all new shiny Paranoia is finally here - and it is perfect!

The All New Shiny Edition

Many roleplaying games have rules that are applied objectively so players can help each other do heroic things like saving yet another kingdom, fighting more orcs, or something else that has been done repeatedly in other RPGs.

That is not this game. This is Paranoia.

Paranoia Release Banner 2.jpg

This is one of those rulebooks that’s fun to read and even more fun to play. Paranoia does not take itself seriously, so we can find dark humour in bureaucracy, politics, businesses, and a lot more. No sacred cows but one–make sure the GM and players are all having a great time. Is that not refreshing for a roleplaying game? Maybe that is why this science fiction RPG has won lots of awards over the years.

So here it is, a brand-new edition for the modern world. Surely there is nothing happening these days worthy of satire, right?

Ask not for whom the boot smokes.

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