The Order Of Torm



*Steps in from one of the many portals and walks up to the message boards. Pulls out a rolled up parchment from her robes and unrolls it with ease as she looks around the grounds. Sticks the parchment up on the board, the writting written in black charcole. It states ( The Order Of Torm is looking for new members. If you are interested please contact Dawn. The only requirments that we ask is that you are honest, hard working, and GOOD. This is not an order who takes in the vile, bad, selfish, or one not of the purest ideals. If you would like more information please contact me. I am usualy in the tavern in the evenings Thank You and good luck) With a smile and a nod she turns and walks back to the portal she came in from, stepping through it to vanish from sight*

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cat o nine mice

First Post
The Cat sez.....

"Hmmmm? The Order of Torm? Aye, you may have something of interest!"
Mezzanine turns, but realizes the poster has disappeared. "Awww...
I guess I'll have to go looking for this "Dawn" person by myself! Hmph!"
She mutters to herself. "I hope I find her afore dawn, heh! heh!"

Epic Threats

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