Pathfinder 2E The Pathfinder Subform Is Definitely Dead - So What?

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I prefer messageboards for discussion. Discord can be good to get a quick answer, but lengthy discussions get overwhelming with all the topics coming in. Reddit is a similar issue.
It could be my age, but messageboards don't feel as much like an extension of modern social media. Even though I don't know most of the posters here personally, I recognize many of the regulars, with their biases and tones just like I would conversing with my friends.
So when Capn Zapp comes here to talk about why PF2 isn't good, I know where that's coming from. The same way The Magic Sword breathes life into the system with interesting new ways to play.
But for me, I don't have much to say about PF2. I've tried the system, didn't find it a good fit for me, and I've moved on like I have from other systems. I'd love to be able to support posters who come here to discuss it in good faith, but the only thing I could add would be "hey, I hope you love the game and have a blast with it."
I mostly stopped posting here because I got bored of every conversation getting derailed into one person about how much the system sucks :p

(anyway, I haven't gotten feeling that paizo messageboard is somehow dead, but I don't know what is people's standard for lively forum. Like thousand of messages per day instead of hundreds? Either way, lively conversation in discord is nice)

(heck there are multiple posters who post in both paizo forum and here, when people disagree with them over there they just post exact same thing over here.)
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Philip Benz

A Dragontooth Grognard
Just saying: y'all keep breathing life into this thread that should be allowed to die.

The Pathfinder forum here on EnWorld isn't dead.

But I for one would be very happy to see this particular thread scroll off the bottom into oblivion. The only way for that to happen is for eveyone to post their ideas and comments in a different thread, or to start their own, instead of posting here. I'm not a moderator, and I don't play one on TV. Do as you like, but please, not in this thread.

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