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So I am running a Call of Cthulhu game for Halloween on friday and I was hoping to find some suggestions for good ambient music to play in the background. I would love something a little trippy and psychotic but also bland enough to stay in the background and not step on the RPing. I have been using various indie bands I know, but they don't have the right flavor.

Who do you put on when you want to scare the crap out of your helpless PCs?

I have been using Menomena's "under an hour" EP and Sigur Ros, both are close but just not quite right

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Oh, easy.

Radiohead. The albums Kid A, and Okay Computer. It's dark music, but also poppy, and not what you'd expect.

Also, Sleep's Jerusalem is a GREAT album for CoC, if you can find it. It's a 53 minute long song that basically consists of super sledgy guitar lines. Definitely slasher flick music.

Or the soundtrack for 28 Days Later.


Early Delerium works. I like Spiritual Archives, though it's hard to find. There are two volumes of archives CDs for the early stuff. Very dark industrial, electronic...I'm bad at describing music.

Here...a google search gave me this link for Drama, which is on Spiritual Archives and the vol. 2 of the archives collection: Lala Song Player - Drama by Delerium


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So delirium is awesome, more in line with the campaign I am running, which is a modern sanity/ horror Eternal Darkness-y type game (if only i had a game cube)

But I also am having the first boss fight to this music: YouTube - Midnight Syndicate - Fallen Grandeur

A giant tentacle monster erupts from the chest of the cult leader to this music and then everyone rolls initiative. Brilliant

Thanks for the suggestions


Actual soundtracks, mostly.

Silent Hill series has a great soundtrack for adding ambiance. Monster also has an excellent one. And in both cases, in the entire soundtrack, they usually have only one or two tracks with spoken words.


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In Last Breaths of Ashenport Ari Marmell suggests the soundtrack to Ravenous. Its pretty good, and if you're playing a Cthulu game set in the USA, its even better.

The Donnie Darko soundtrack is pretty creepy too.

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