The Sanguine Sisterhood

Mayu Amakura

*pieces together, from her feet up infront of the boards once again, eyeing the recent replies. She stops on the Brotherhood's second reply and pffts some then brings for a parchment, jotting down a simple and quick reply then posts it there on the board.*

"We will find out if your accusations are true soon enough. May your soul scatter in the black abyss."

*she then then falls to pieces, the pieces fading as they hit the floor*

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Fowai Uss

First Post
Fowai strolls past the boards, humming a merry tune, as he usually does when passing the boards. He slows to read the various notes posted here and there. Frowning slightly, he pulls out a scrap piece of parchment and quill from one of his bags and scribbles a quick note. In elegantly flowing letters, the note reads:

Can't we all just play nice and get along?


Fowai tacks the note on the boards amongst the others with a sigh and a shake of his head, then resumes humming the merry tune as he strolls away.


First Post
A letter written in a rather flowing and nicely scripted lettering. The ink seems to be a dark green or black color

One Two Three Four little weeds do grow
Drain the soil and poison the water doth they do
Sunken roots soon find more, to which they will tangle with
In to long, it's to late, the Vines have been loosed.

In shade they hover, offering one chance
Though the leaves do quiver, four weeds do cause it.
Leave the garden or find the vines to choke out light and water.
Deadly vines will follow to all ends.

Warnings in the air, blood already spilled
No more time, end it now or find your end.
The Vines will hesitate no more.
Today they bare the thorns and venom.

The Vines

The letter is left pinned to the boards with a few odd objects along with it; pinned on the upper right hand corner is a twig of Wolfsbane, To the left corner is a small pendent hanging on a silver chain, a holy symbol of Pelor made of gold.
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First Post
Silently drifts into view by the boards, running a spectral hand over a few of the posted messages... It tilts its 'head' as it quickly reads the postings... perhaps a small twitch might be noticed at the corner of its 'lips'

the figure silently dissipates from view..


First Post
This parchment, neat and crispy with fine, well written words, is posted this evening.

Sisterhood. I have something of yours. You wish for it back? Meet with me, we will talk. Bazaar, tonight.

Under this note is a small bag tied with a pale blue ribbon. It can only be opened by the person named Mayu.....and the bag wiggles!

Mayu Amakura

*pieces together infront of the boards, looking over the messages before pausing on Ruthia's. She reaches up and snatches the bag from the board, opening it to glance inside before pursing her lips some and falling to pieces.*

Epic Threats

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