The Savage Sea (5E) [3-5 level 4 *OOC*]


Some strange rumors are being heard in the port town of Evermoor. Sea Monsters, Ghost Ships and even wilder tales abound. Are you brave enough to sail The Savage Sea and find the truth?

This is an adapted module, some details have been changed for my own purposes. Basic rules OK, OR PHB + Tashas. Reply here if interested. RG coming soon...
Rogues Gallery: The Savage Seas [5e] [RG]

the Continent of Arica
Arica is a wide and varies place. Mountains, forests High plains and deserts all abound. If there is a terrain, yu can find it in Arica. However, our story will take place near the southern edge, which would roughly equivalent to the Louisiana type area of the US. Think hot, humid with lots of trees and bugs.
If you plan to NOT be from Evermoor, which is likely, as it is a trade port, please know that is is perfectly acceptable to create a town, city or even a whole area somewhere on the continent. If you decide to do so, please provide: Where you are from, what you were doing, why you chose to leave, and ONE interesting thing that happened on the way to Evermoor. Again, Creating things whole-cloth is completely fine. If you go too far, I'll let you know.

Evermoor is a trade port in every sense of the word. Ships, trade barges, and overland caravans enter and leave the place nearly around the clock. there is only a moderate populace that actually call it home. The rest of the bustling mass flows in and out with the goods that give Evermoor it's life. It can be somewhat accurately stated that if is is for sale in the southern reaches, it has passed through Evermoor.
There are small guilds in the city for most professions so, if you happen to be from Evermoor, chances are good you are a member of a guild. Feel free to name the guild and your contact there or create whatever structure you feel is appropriate. If you go too far, I'll let you know.
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Possibly a Idiot.
I have recently been wanting to play a druid. And given the setting flavor, I just imagined a Wood-Elf Druid, decked out in gator-skin, named "Crawdad."


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Interested! Especially if Umbril can join :D

I have weapon master water genasi somewhere too...


Well, I've got two ideas at the moment. Seeing the geographical comparison to Louisiana reminded me of a character I made for a Southern Gothic campaign that died, who was one of the last two remaining members of a once noble house that had rotted away trying to find a way to save his dying sister. Mechanically he was a Path of the Ancestral Guardian barbarian whose spectral warriors were his patrilineal ancestors (who did not think much of him).

The other is a kobold who uses the Path of the Giant from last week's Unearthed Arcana, refluffed to be about draconic might, to become a large kobold a few times a day. If I'm being honest this idea is mostly because the idea of playing a swolbold makes me laugh.


Possibly a Idiot.
Let me formulate:

An orphaned young wood elf fisherman, trapper, and aspiring chef, who lives in the mangroves on the edge of the city. The name "Crawdad" is a reference to his favorite dish. He ekes out a living with a local Fishmongers guild, and occasionally gets a bit of extra coin with pest control jobs. Just surviving in the area by himself has instilled a deep respect of the powers of nature. The same powers that he now wields, and have spawned rumors that his mom was a hag or some kind swamp witch.

I'm leaning toward Circle of the Land (Coast), but if there is a better idea I overlooked, I am all ears.

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