The Savage Seas (5e) [IC]


It was hot and humid in the city of Evermoor, but that was nothing new. It was hot and humid a lot of the time. Overhead, light clouds scudded across a pale blue sky while sea birds cried and wheeled overhead, looking for any stray morsel of food. The streets teem with peopleof all sizes, shapes and colors, mostly merchants, traders and sailors. But, here and there a citizen walked purpously towards whatever business they might have.
In the meeting hall, however, there was a argument brewing. "...SOMETHING has GOT to be done!" Vashk, an enormously large Crall bellowed. He was massive, even for a Crall. Fully twelve feet from snout to tail tip and powerfully built, wearing a lightweight tabbard that went almost to the floor in a rich yellow that highlighted the colorations on his skin. He had several prominent scars on his snout, hands and arms, likely from fight when he was younger, and his presence was keenly felt throughout the hall.
"We know, Vashk," Beltran Misk replied. He was a deeply tanned human with short-cropped dark hair and a wry smile. He was also one of the few people in Evermoor who was hot afraid of Vashk, at least openly. One of the chiefs of the sailors guild, he was working with the sailors and the captains to try and get at least some of the boats to leave dock. So far, he'd had little luck. "I have personally talked to nearly every sailor and every captain on every ship currently in port..."
"And that's saying something," Grieg Stone fist, dwarf chief of the mason's guild commented.
"Indeed," Beltran continued. "You know sailors are a hardy group but they're also a superstitious bunch. Tell them there's monsters or ghosts, especially ones who can sink their ships, and they'll hole up until it's cleared or proven to be false."
"The docks stand full of ships, Bertran. FULL. And Evermoor can only subside on the barges and caravans for so long. Eventually, we'll starve. And if THAT happens, half the southern reaches will too! Can't you force them to sail?"
"Have you ever tried to force a sailor or captain to do anything? It practically takes and act of one of the gods to do that."
"What about a inter-ship crew?" Vetan the odd asked. He was a local enchanter who was a member of the mages guild. And not a very high one at that.
"A crew made up of member of different ships?" Beltran asked, To which Veltan nodded. "I've tried that, too. they get attached to their crew and their ship. IF you could convince them,, it'd take at least two weeks for them to trust each other enough to begin working together."
Vashk paced irritably. "Roadblocks every where. Isn't there ANYTHING we can do?"

Out in the town, Terry and Umbril walk through the strees, seeing the trhrongs of sailors, some of whom are already quite drunk and looking for trouble. You reach your prescribed destination, an average taproom and place to get some food. As you approach, a human sailor comes flying out the open door and lands with a thud on the cobbled street, followed by loud cheers.
Inside is packed and there is a throng of individuals all knotted up near the bar. The group grabs and hoists a small Kobold onto their collective shoulders, chanting 'Out with Greb, in with Krok,' repeatedly.

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The Savage Seas [5e]
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"Well, this looks like the kind of tavern we're looking for," Terry says to Umbril. "It's discerning. Not sure why they tossed this fellow, Greb I guess, out. But standards are standards."


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"Filthy thing, that. If I have to fight here, there will be talk about ghosts before noon."
Umbril replies "But maybe it IS some kind of testing ground. And I don't like all those sailors walking around. I'm no expert, but shouldn't there be a crew or three in and everyone else out, doing whatever they do."


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Crawdad fidgeted uncomfortably as he fanned himself during the meeting. The indoors always felt a bit cramped for him, but in this case even the city folk would agree. It seemed every guild and city office had a representative or two on-hand, as all of the body heat in the room could attest to. The tan wood elf was here as part of a delegation from the Fishmongers. With the food supplies (and thus their livelihood) threatened, they wanted a quick solution.

"Monsters and ghosts now?" He asks with a bit of exhaustion. "There seems to be a lot of stories flying around as of late. If proof is what these sailors require, what facts do we know? What proof can we give to spur even some of them into action?"


Zrok was not quite sure why the big people were lifting him in the air but after traveling alone he was just happy for the camaraderie. "Zrok name not Krok, name is Zrok. Like this: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz." Zrok continued demonstrating for slightly too long before gulping down the rest of the foamy drink someone had given him. He didn't care for the taste but it helped ease his adjustment to these strange new customs and dim the voice in his head, which he could feel faintly grumbling.


[In the Meetinghouse]
"Monsters and ghosts now? There seems to be a lot of stories flying around as of late. If proof is what these sailors require, what facts do we know? What proof can we give to spur even some of them into action?"
Vashk turns and glares at you briefly, looking indignant and snarling "Proof? These... men need none. Every day is a new story, taller than the last. Every tale is denied. This, of course only strengthens their belief.'
"Except for that of of the Jade Lion," Beltran injected. "It is still unaccounted for, last seen near the lighthouse at Skyhorn."
"Bah! The Lion is one ship of dozens, hundreds even, that sail the waters of the Sea of Hope." Vashk paces, almost stalks across the room. "Who of the captains have you not talked to?"
"Only two," Beltran replied. "Captain Gaspar..."
"A bandit and a thief," Greig stated flatly. "Barely better than a pirate."
"And," Beltran continues. "Captain Coppertree."
"Ahhh!' Vashk turns suddenly on Beltran. "There's your hope. Coppertree and Hest are known friends. She'll be wanting to find the Lion, or its remains, for her own sake and, if it happens to suit ours as well, so much the better.
"The Merchant guild will offer... A Hundred gold for her and her crew to investigate the fate of the Lion and her captain. And, should they happen to find some creature or two that are stirring things up, deal with them. The crew can even keep any spoils they take."
Silence fell over the room for a long moment. Beltran looked at Vashk, "It could work."
Grieg stood, "the mining guild will add another fifty gold, contingent on bringing back the cargo of the Lion, if not the Lion herself."
Vetan also stood. "the Enchanters will add 50 as well."
"There you are, Beltran" Vashk said grinning, showing his rows of teeth. "Two hundred good gold pieces. Surely this should be enough to entice miss Coppertree and her crew to sail."
"I'll go propose it, as soon as we adjourn."

[In the Black Gull]
Throngs of bored sailors rapidly getting drunk was not a recipe for a quiet afternoon in the Black Gull. To be fair, the main thing keeping them at bay was their rapidly diminishing reserves of money. And, with their newfound hero, the tiny Zrock, they were celebrating. Hard.
Everyone had seen the cretin Greb push the little Kobold and, just as clearly, they had seen Zrock push him back. The fight after had been short and, even a modestly drunk sailor could quickly tell poor Greb was highly out classed. Truth be told, the others had likely saved poor Grebs life. But, at least for now, they all insisted on buying the little fellow drinks and pouring them into, mostly onto, Zrock.
The crowd around the bar was thick and mostly behaving but, likely withing the hour, constables would be arriving to break it all up and take those too drunk to get back to their ships to the already-crowded holding cells.


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"A fine plan of action!" Crawdad is relived, not only because there is a plan, but also because it means the meeting will be over shortly. "If it's not too much trouble, Mister Beltran, I would like to accompany you on your call to Captain Coppertree." The Elf requests. "If only for the piece of mind of my employers."
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The interior of The Black Gull is mostly wood with a decent stone fireplace in one back corner. The place is lit with oil lanterns and there are several fur rugs and tapestries to give the place warmth and color.
The barkeep is human with brilliant red mutton chops. He nods at you as you enter and shouts 'If you want anything but a drink, find a table and we'll be with you shortly.'
The Bar area is crowded but at least half the tables are empty. As you walk in, a pair of rough looking men come in behind you. One is a tall human with a pronounced hunch and a nasty looking scar across his nose, the other is a beefy looking half-orc with slicked-back black hair. They look around briefly, then head for a slender blond woman near the fireplace.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Black gull was just as filthy as he thought it will be. Still, he slipped past the throng glorifying a kobold of all things and ordered drinks for himself and Terry. Looking around he finds a sailor passed out and pushes him away from the table, taking it for the two of them.


The Meeting Hall
"Of course," Beltran replied.
"If there is no other business," Vashk Stated. "I say we adjourn and let good Beltran here go find us a Captain."
"Seconded," Vetan intoned solemnly.
"Good!" Vashk turned on one heel ant looked at Beltran "with all speed, Beltran."
Beltran stood and moved out of the hall, headed out into the bright day, Crawdad close on hiss heels. "Pushy old thing," Beltran stated to no one in particular. "Luckily, I have a good Idea where to look for Captain Coppertree."

The Black Gull
Finding a table was fairy easy and It was good to be out of the sun and wind for at least a bit. The two toughs you noted earlier stalked up to the Blond woman and began talking to her. The conversation, mostly inaudible of the din of the sailors, was clearly heated. The half orc was thumbing the handle of what looked like a elaborate boat-hook and the other a crude sword.
Distracted by the two, you did not see the fight start. A real brawl this time, not just pushing or tripping, And, suddenly, there were men throwing punches, kicks, as well as mugs and flasks!
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