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The Savage Seas (5e) [IC]

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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Umbril positions himself so he is between the fight and Terry with the wall keeping their backs safe. He doesn't attack anyone, but if someone takes a swing at him, he gets mugs he holds (and is in process of emptying) into the face.

Move: N/A
Action: Dodge

If attacked, he dual-wields mugs :D


The Black Gull
  • Zrock lashes out and contacts 2 sailors.
  • Umbril is able to evade the fray but it is definitely spreading out and coming your way. To your right you just catch a glimpse of the blonde woman standing up suddenly and pulling a sword on the two who approached her and they draw theirs as well.
  • Terry casts a Sleep spell into the middle of the mob and several immediately drop to the floor, unconscious.

The bartender, seeing the fight break out, quickly begins ringing a large bell and shouting "Get the watch!"

The sailors are mostly fighting each other but about a dozen see their comrades drop and, looking around, see Terry finish up her spell. "She did it! For The Harlequin!" and they rush in!

@gnarlygninja please roll damage for your unarmed attacks. Should be a d6+str mod for each.
@jmucchiello @Neurotic @Leatherhead
At this point, initiative for all is a good idea. I've attached a map to use and approximate positions. yell if something looks terribly off...

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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
OOC: Which of the enemy icons are that woman and swordsmen

"Now that we have your attention!!!" roars Umbril pulling back his cloak and revealing heavy armor and swords on his belt. "Note that they are only sleeping. That could have been a fireball. And you do NOT want to be here when watch arrives since those swords over there..." he points to the right "...mean this is no longer a bar brawl. Now git!"

"Or you can fight me and my brother."
Umbril shimmers and a shade similar to him appears next to the closest sailor.
With a cold smile he adds "He died some time ago and likes to appear in ye olde worlde looking for his murderer."

neurotic: D20 + 4#umbrilinit → 6(2 + 4)#Umbril init
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OOC: @Neurotic I didnt get them on yet but they would be at the table just south of you and Terry. Also, give me either intimidation or persuasion for your speech.
@Leatherhead not to worry, just for timing on my end. I know how far away you are and how long it'll take to get to where the scrum is. :D

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