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5E The Shadow Sorcery! Is It the most powerful class at high levels?


Returning to the Sorcerer discussion, I think they share one major thing with Rangers in terms of disappointing people: too many levels where you don't get anything exciting; to much waiting for that level X where they will become worthwhile. Which is why I'll actually say that if anything the Shadow Sorcerer is not powerful enough at level 18. They had a long slog to the top and deserve the rewards.
Well... I don't think so... Look
At level 7. He can cast Twin Polymorph to turn 2 allies into a Giant Ape and still use Hound III Omem as bonus action.
Well, It's incredible strong... The hound also apply disadvantage against his spells and you can cast it each turn, multiples hounds...

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Correction. You are not invulnerable. You are resistant. Invulnerable you take zero damage. Resistant you take half. Which is still damage.
You are invulnerable if you are inside a wall for Total cover. Resistent is just an extra bonus.

Incorrect. While you regain 1 hp at the start of your turn you can still fail death saves while you are unconscious and die as a result of that.

Damage at 0 Hit Points: If you take any damage while you have 0 hit points, you suffer a death saving throw failure. If the damage is from a critical hit, you suffer two failures instead.

While you are unconscious any hit against you within 5 feet of you is an automatic critical so once you go down only 2 hits are required to kill you outright regardless of damage and regeneration.
Additionally, once you go unconscious you become incapacitated. When you are incapacitated you lose Umbral Form.
I couldn't agree more. It's right.


Well. It's the Point.

The Shadow Sorcerer moves through walls and distant spell gives him position advantage over enemies. Because you are just out your spell' range but the sorcerer isn't.
Because he somehow has perfect knowledge of where every enemy is while blind from being inside a solid object.

"Foolish mortals! Nobody can stop the SORCERER KI--hey, where did everyone go? Come on, come back, guys, this was gonna be really cool but you're ruining it, man!"