The Thread In Which We Rant


Rotten DM
As a past game con organizer, I would like to respond with our mantra:
Dear Game Con Attendee: "You think you can do better? Prove it. No, really. Come prove it. Please. Please come prove it. PLEASE! No-one wants to help run these things and we're all just overworked volunteers desperate for any help at all please come prove it!!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAASE!!!!!"
Pssst I just helped Organize the AL games for Kami-Con and I am blowing off steam.


Dear Special Snowflake Player: Stop. Just . . . stop. We get it, you can't possibly be expected to keep the fun of the group in mind when creating your character. You're just not emotionally equipped to handle being "just another big awesome hero." It's not enough to have the chance to play a unique individual in a dramatic, fictional world with an interesting backstory.

Oh no, you have to REALLY be SPEEEECIAL.

You have to have a unique cloak that makes you look EVEN MORE AWESOME than anyone else with a cloak. You have to have a magic weapon that doesn't just make you better at stabbing, you have to be better at stabbing AND your sword has to have a mysterious skull on the pommel that has glowing eyes. Oh, and of course, the glowing pommel eyes should definitely give you an automatic +4 to all intimidate rolls, because AWESOME, RIGHT??? You couldn't possibly just be expected to be a regular 'ole elf. Oh no, you have to be an elf from the Mysterious Eastern Mystic Elflands, with unknown ninja powers.
So THATS were they go once I've exiled apologies, kind sir or ma'am, for jettisoning that detris upon thee...


Dear play, can you not play a deaf-mute bard that uses a small drum as an instrument to communicate and activate your bard abilities. Despite my best efforts to convinces her otherwise she was convinced it was a cool and playable concept. Her character died during the first mission in the sewers of a large city...


The Torn
Dear fellow gamers: Just because a game is not on the shelf at your LFGS, or is out of print, does not mean that it is bad. In fact, you should give it a try!

Bacon Bits

Dear player who always plays CN or evil PCs. You're not fooling anyone, and no one buys the "But I'm just playing my character!!!" protests. You're using your PC as a conduit for your own selfish and anti-social behavior.

Admittedly, not a problem when I DM, because I have a rule where those characters aren't allowed unless I know the person and know they can pull it off without being disruptive, but in AL games or other games I'm not DMing...
Matt Coleville made a fantastic video about this. It perfectly captures the problem and discusses it really well.


Bacon Bits

So, I understand why they did that in the past. In the age of analog, if you have multiple listings for a thing (say "circular logic," and "logic, circular"), then if the base text changes, you'd have to update manually both listings in the index with new page numbers, and any manual process like that is prone to error. If you have the index refer to itself, when page numbers change, you only have to update the root references.

Today, there's no frelling reason for this. The referencing can be to an anchor, and the layout software can render to whatever the page ultimately winds up being.
It's also like they didn't quite understand the point of cross indexing, though, too. Like an encyclopedia listing for gunnery says see also ballistics. Ballistics says see also range finding. Range finding says see also surveying. Surveying says see also photography. So now there's a link between gunnery and photography. But each entry also lists a page number for that topic's article. So armor proficiency might say see also feats because there are feats that grant armor proficiency. Spell lists might say see also classes because classes have custom spell list modifiers.

The real crime is that they haven't fixed it in subsequent printings!


It reminds me of out of office loops. That is, "This is Larissa, I'm currently out of the office. Please contact Shanna for any questions.". And when you email Shanna, you get her out of office saying to contact Larissa. 🤷🏼‍♂️


Rotten DM
Dear players, 'For the love of all the gawds, let me finish the sentence of how much is the total damage before you interrupt me with whatever!'
Dear WotC,

Please make better character sheets and monster statblocks. I know it isn't your fault that older games expect the DM and players to look up the abilities and spells, and back in the 90s everyone was doing it. But when by spending an hour per player for my newest players rewriting their character sheet (into something that looks horrible) their play experience the next session is a revelation you are doing it wrong.


Rotten DM
Dear newby players, "What is with your fancy character sheets. Back in the day we used note book paper. If it was yellow pad your mommy was stealing from office supplies. And it is Str, Int, Wis, Dex, Con, Cha. And..... my heart.... gasp.aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggg".