The Tome of Horrors is the Tome of Happiness!

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Originally posted by roytheodd

This is the book the Monster Manual II should have been. If it had just a few stock humanoids (eg Orcs & Goblins) it would replace the 3rd Monster Manual on my shelf.
And then Crothian said....

"That's pretty darn good praise."

Hell yah brother! This is the shiznit of monster books, IMHO. I haven't gone into my FLGS looked at something for less than 20 seconds and walked right out with it since I was 13.

This book is definitly what the MMII should have been.

joe b.


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I'm going to sound like the odd duck out here but...

Let me start by saying that the book is indeed great, 5 star worthy but just barely 5 star.

Lot of the art is sub, especially in comparission to MMII.

Lot of the layout is sub. Whole page for Eye of the Deep with all that white space?

Lots of favorites from 1st ed still not updated. Mainly looks like it hit the MMII and FF.

And I know I've seen Cerebrus statted out in 1st ed but (and maybe I missed it) didn't see the original credit. Same thing with Lucifer who I know got statted out in Politics of Hell.

Great book but there were some touches that would've made it a solid five.


>That's cool. So, any thoughts on how it would fit into a non >fantasy genre game?

There was a thread on D&D monsters in a space/Dragonstar setting on the d20 system games area.
I think a lot of them could fit in a d20 Modern or Dragonstar game or even a Victorian "magical" setting ala Castle Faklenstein.

I highly recommend it as well as the reviwer mentioned on if you buy one monster book at all apart from the MM buy this one!



Ulrick said:
I just bought it a couple days ago.

I think this is the BEST monster compendium out there...surpassing even the Monster Manual.

Excellent Job, Necromancer Games!!!


Now that's a ringing endorsement.
Somewhere, one of my gaming buddies is smiling. You see he buys damn near everything released for D&D, much of it junk we never use and he doesn't end up liking anyhow. But this will be a book he is proud to own evidently. Good for him...and for me when I cave in and buy it too :).


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coyote6 said:
At least once, as a template. The ToH huecuva is a regular monster.

So use both! :)

Sure; I'm just puzzled about this in light of their assertion that they were using monsters that they had established WotC was not planning on converting.


not to mention orcus (which we knew about and is fair enough) the shadow demon, the chasme, Jubilex... its agreat book, but these ones are kinda a bummer...

green slime

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Well, well, well.

FINALLY, the BoVD finally reaches these dark and distant shores. Along with Tome of Horrors and D20 Modern... and no Dragon or Dungeon magazines, and still no MMII!

Of course I had to purchase all three books, having been deprived of my consumer rights for so long.

After glancing through the Tome of Horrors, which took much longer than I expected due to its humungous size, I turned to BoVD...which somehow, just paled in comparision... I don't know how, but it was just too much ho-hum. Especially as I was eager for more ToH.

I did find some minor errors in the ToH in the little while I was perusing my copy: Prices for constructing at least one construct was missing. And some monsters I found to be... well different to how I would have them. And the art was very much hit and miss. Some of it was glorious (I really like the Banshee picture), while some others were hideous.

But on the whole, an excellent book, and one that shall definitely see use at my gaming table. Even more so than any other monster book except MM.
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