The Untamed Wilds: Electric Skies


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Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet, We’re Hunting Lizards

Receive 5 xp for posting during the week. You may spend it before combat.

The Cleveland barrier is reinforced concrete a little over two feet thick, so it does not take long to step through into the wilds outside of Helton. The night sky is cloudy and dark, and it is unusual to look up and not see the passing lights of airships and drones. The booted feet of the three Runners come down into a muddy concrete collection pool that helps feed the gully that leads into the city. Just on the other side of the pool are the partial remains of a horse, its rent torso almost unrecognizable. The smell of the bloody remains blocks out all other odors. In the slick mud the Runners can see the clawed prints of lizard feet, wider than those of the giants. There is a fifteen foot wide path of cleared space separating the wall and the beginning of the forest full of towering oaks with spreading branches that provide plenty of dark recesses for creatures to hide.

"Be careful, those things like to jump out at ya," Travis offers, attempting to help.
One intense glare from Syd silences the man, and the farmers step away from the broken grate. Runners don't need to be told to be careful.

[sblock=Perception]Effectiveness: Mind + Knowledge + Commercial

This passive technique represents noticing patterns, anomalies, or dangers in the immediate area due to seeing or hearing or even smelling things subconsciously. This may be augmented by various active or passive Collegiate Tasks. There is no random aspect to this task. This task may be opposed by Blend or Stealth, whichever is more appropriate.

Check: effectiveness + Konokoro (Collegiate) + d100: number to hit - 100

Trollick 13 + 18 + 82 = 113; Hawkeye 19 +14 +63 =96; Syd Vicious 16 +12 +59=87[/sblock]

Trollick suppresses a grin as he turns his gaze over the green branches of the oaks, glad to be close to nature again. Whether it is his familiarity with the woods, or his magic enhanced senses, he can tell that the pair of lizards have set up an ambush for anyone pursuing them. He notes one branch of a tree to their left sits a little lower than it should, spots a horned head through a patch of leaves, and he sees a reptile tail visible from the other side of one thick trunk. With hand gestures he points out the intended attack of their prey.

Hawkeye is distracted by the size of the claw marks on the horse remains, grateful for his heavy armor. Once Trollick points out the lizards, he easily spots them.

Syd Vicious is eager for the fight after seeing what was left of the horse. Once Trollick points out the lizards, he easily spots them.

Surprise round has been successfully avoided. One lizard is waiting to pounce from a branch twenty feet off the ground, and the second lizard is waiting to attack from around the base of an adjacent tree. The body of the tree hiding lizard is partially obscured, but enough is visible for ranged attacks. Only a small portion of the tail of the second lizard is visible.

State intentions and roll for effect.
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Hawkeye intends to shoot the lizard whose body is partially visible with his Ruger revolver.

OOC: Reaction roll: 99+59 = 158 + applicable skills. Frig! 31 base roll to-hit. If I'm quick enough to get a second shot, that roll is 84 (base.)
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After motioning to the others of the location of the hidden lizards, Trollick draws his heavy pistol and fires at the one within the tree.
OOC: Reaction: 67, Pistol 73

[sblock=Reaction]Readiness (Combat) + Impetus (Commercial) + Clarity (Collegiate) + d100 - Armor Hindrance[/COLOR]
Reaction Time is a numeric value for mental and physical preparedness for action. This is the first calculation in a combat sequence as it determines the order of attackers and is generally only figured once at the beginning of any combat situation. Reaction time may be further modified if a character or creature is injured or otherwise impeded at the start of combat. Loss of Body or Mind reduces the final Reaction Time by 10 for every 1 point lost. For example, if a character had lost 2 points of Body before combat initiated, his total reaction time would be reduced by 20.
Trollick: 17 + 13 + 19 + 67 = 126 - 50 = 76[/sblock]
[sblock=Speed of Action]Reaction Time - Hindrance[/COLOR]
Though Reaction Time is a numeric value for mental and physical preparedness for action, a character who is able to think the fastest may not necessarily be able to act the fastest, especially if wielding a large weapon. This hindrance is determined by many factors that are quantified under their respective descriptions, such as weapons, movement, and manipulating Way. Like Reaction Time, Speed of Attack is further modified in the same manner if a character or creature is injured or otherwise impeded. After each action, the Hindrance is subtracted again from the previous total to continue the numeric sequence for the next action, unless the character or creature is fighting with two weapons; in which case, Hindrance for the weapon halved. Subsequent actions have a minimum hindrance of half a second or 50 tics, even is halving a weapon's hindrance would be less.
Trollick: 76 - 50(pistol) = 26[/sblock]
[sblock=Movement]The average human brain in real life can perform 5 conscious actions in 1 second, making the normal reaction time 1/5 of or .2 seconds, which corresponds to 20 of 100 tics in the game.

Movement as it is figured into timing: Motility = max strides / second(100 tics)
  • From a standing position, 1 stride = 50 tics, 1 pace = 100 tics
  • Second motion, 2 paces = 100
  • Third motion, 4 paces = 100
  • Forth motion, 6 paces = 100...
  • The maximum = Motility Score in paces / 100 tics
This should seem reasonable that an arm length sword has a hindrance of 100, meaning that it takes 1 second to effectively swing the sword from a resting position. Fighting with two weapons simultaneously halves the weapon hindrances after the initial swing, though a minimum hindrance of 50 is always required for functional mechanics.[/sblock]
[sblock=Firearm Assault]Launch (Combat) + Precision (Commercial) + Clarity Collegiate) + d100 +/- range - cover
Once Speed of Action is determined, the character or creature may choose to launch a projectile at his opponent. Whether the launch is performed by mechanical means (firing a gun) or manually thrown, the mechanics are the same. The advantage to the attacker of a Projectile Assault is that it may not be defended. It must be avoided by use of one of the Defensive Commercial Tasks. If the target is unaware of the attacker, he may add his Stealth or Blend Task total to the first assault. Projectile Assault is further modified by the following range statistics:

Range Statistics: distance in paces
Attack Modifier+100+500-50-100-200
G1 SmartLink0-44-2020-4040-7070-100100-140
If the target is engaged in physical combat with a friendly, then the shooter receives a penalty to hit of 50%. If the shooter misses, there is a 50% chance that the projectile will strike the friend. If the miss ratio is significant, then the projectile goes wide, missing any target.
Trollick: 17 + 13 + 19 + 73 = 121 +/- range - cover[/sblock]
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Syd takes off, watching Hawkeye's shot at the one in the tree, and bolts after Hawkeye's bolt. Whether the bullet hits or not, soon afterward, Syd would be there and, with pistol in one hand and sabre in the other, it was time to "Get Vicious". His heart was all a-thrill.
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For posting earlier in the week gain 5 xp

I See Dead Lizards
[sblock=Reaction Time: Readiness + Commercial + Clarity + d100 – hindrance for armor and weapon]
Trollick: 17+13+19+67-5-15= 96
Hawkeye: 17+20+15+158-20-15= 175
Syd: 20+16+11+50-5-12-8= 72
Tree Lizard: 20+12+0+04-5= 31
Ground Lizard: 20+12+0+78-5= 105 [/sblock]

Order of Action: Hawkeye, Ground Liz, Trollick, Hawkeye, Syd, Tree Liz, Ground Liz

Hawkeye: As soon as he identifies the body of the lizard in the tree he points his Ruger Phoenix MK IV heavy revolver and fires a bit too soon. He feels the familiar kick of his sidearm, but misjudges the size of the creature hidden behind the leaves and his shot goes wide.
[sblock=Hawkeye revolver shot]
Hawkeye: 17+20+15+31+0=83
T Liz avoidance: 12+0+04+100=116
Hawkeye=miss [/sblock]

Ground Lizard: Immediately after Hawkeye fires the first shot the lizard hiding behind the tree bolts around the trunk and charges at the Runners. You can clearly see the creature now, and it has thick green scales, a horned frill, and a mouth of razor sharp teeth. It is not able to close within melee range this turn.

Trollick: He targets the tree lizard with his Mars 50 heavy pistol. He hits but it is only a glancing blow, tearing off a chunk of the creature’s thick hide.
[sblock=Trollick pistol shot]
Trollick: 17+13+19+73+0= 122
T Liz avoidance: 116
Damage: 1
Deflect: 10-1=9 [/sblock]

Hawkeye: Undeterred by the charging lizard, he targets the one in the tree again. This time he gets a solid shot in, shifting the weight of the creature on the branch, but not drawing any blood yet.
[sblock=Hawkeye second shot]
Hawkeye: 52+84+0=136
T Liz defense: 116
Damage: 6
Deflect: 9-6=3 [/sblock]

Syd: he charges in to meet the ground lizard. While using his saber to keep the lizard at bay, he fires point blank with his Tiger Mac-10 medium pistol, but the bullet doesn’t penetrate the thick scales.

[sblock=Syd pistol shot]
Syd: 20+16+11+50+20=117
G Liz defense: 20+12+0+81=113
Damage: 1
Deflect: 10-1=9 [/sblock]

Tree Lizard: it scrambles along its limb before leaping at the runners in a clumsy fashion. Trollick is the intended victim, but he has the battle presence to step aside and pistol strike the creature as it tumbles past him. He catches it on the back of the neck under its armored frill and there is a resounding crack. The lizard tumbles to the ground, unmoving.

[sblock=Trollick counterstrike]
T-Liz Leap Attack: 12+12+12+12+04=52

Trollick defense: 17+13+19+73=122
*greater than 50 difference* counterstrike: 122-52=70%*20=14
Damage: 14
Deflect: 14-3=11 Body damage
T Liz Body: 8-11=3 Mind damage
T Liz Mind: 4-3=1 [/sblock]

Ground lizard: the remaining lizard takes a swipe at Syd, but he turns it aside with his sabre.

[sblock=claw attack]
G Liz attack: 113

Syd defense: 20+16+12+50+25=123 [/sblock]

[sblock=Combat Status] Runners: 0 damage; Tree Lizard Body: 0, Mind: 1, practically deaceased; Ground Lizard: 0 damage, Deflect: 9 [/sblock]
Roll reaction and action rolls for next sequence and state intentions.
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Syd attacks with gun and sabre. He tries to shoot the ground lizard in the eye while making a slash attack at the base of its skull using a leaping attack to get advantage of downward force with the sabre attack.


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Holstering his pistol and running for the lizard on Syd, at the same time, Trollick, preferring melee combat, hopes to punch the lizard with his sonic fist, an unexpected adjunct to his martial skill.
OOC: Reaction Roll: 61, Action Roll: 96 + 56 (luck)
[sblock=Physical Assault]20 (attack) + 14 (commercial) + 21 (fury) + 96(d100) + 56(luck) = 207[/sblock]
[sblock=Thump]21 (effectiveness) + 96(d100) + 56 (luck) = 173[/sblock]
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For posting during the week receive 5 xp

A Farewell To Lizards

Hawkeye: 48+7=55
Syd: 64+12=76
Trollick: 61+29=90
Lizard: 57+27=84 [/sblock]

Order of action: Trollick, Lizard, Syd, Hawkeye

[sblock=Trollick Punch]
Trollick attack: 20+14+21+96+56=207
Lizard Defense: 20+12+49=81 [/sblock]
Damage: 7-5 soak=2 Mind damage; Mind: 4-2=2
[sblock=Trollick Thump]
Trollick Thump: 173
Lizard Defense: 67 [/sblock]
Damage: 10 Mind; Mind: 2-10=8 Body Damage; Body: 8-8=0 deceased

Slapping his pistol back in its holster, Trollick surges forward and hammer fists the lizard on top of its skull. Already a devastating blow, at the same instant he twists the Way lines to Thump the creature directly into its head. He can feel the magic energy reverberate inside the animal’s skull, scrambling its brains. The lizard drops, no longer a threat. It takes little effort to remove the heads of the two lizards, and return through the wall to deliver them to Travis and Luceena, who pack them in plastic bags.

Travis says to the Runners, “Nicely done. We’ll turn these into the Animal Awareness Committee at our building and authorize your payment.”

The Runners take their leave of the farmers, pleased with their effective disposal of the pests. Shatterframe is in her car in the same spot with her remote headset on, and greets the team when they return. “Excellent work, and not a scratch on you. I was hoping that would be an easy task, but your next opponents won’t be as relaxed as a couple of uppity reptiles. Regardless of which job you would like to take on next, meet at the same address tomorrow night.”

Shatterframe will take the team members wherever they wish to go, but once they exit the vehicle, she goes her own way.

Gain 2000 credits for job completion

Include in this weeks post any conversation with Shatterframe, and tasks the runners wish to do before the next job including new purchases.


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Once back in the car with Shatterframe, Trollick steadies his breathing as the adrenaline from battle subsides. He looks over his two new friends, seeing that like him, they are uninjured. "Well gents, this may be a bit blunt but was raised mostly outside the walls. Would one of you have a pad where I can crash for a bit? I will gladly contribute some of my part of the fee toward costs. Also, despite my size, I do not snore." He laughs.

"Back on business, I am leaning toward the job in Sugarland for our next venture. The pay is better than that gig down at the beachside and a locked storage unit infers some intrigue."

With any business with his friends concluded, Trollick will turn his attention to Shatterframe. "How time sensitive are these runs? I was figuring a day or two of downtime to put our earnings to some personal use would be good. I was also wondering if you might know of any talisman shops or some such dedicated to folk culture where I might acquire a functional fetish, talisman, or totem. I ought to do something with my cred other than buy food and I have an aversion to integrated technology."

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Hawkeye says, "You can bunk with me, big guy. I could use the company; I don't snore, either, but I might talk your ear off. Whaddya say?"

[sblock=What Hawkeye originally said about the Sugarland job]
Hawkeye speaks up, "I'm down with that; I have a day-job with TI, but I work from home / my mobile office, so I can multi-task. As long as my projects get turned in on time, they don't care what my daily timetable is. 2500 extra cred sounds great to me, why don't we check out that storage unit? As for the box, if the contents are as delicate as a statue, I'd imagine the box is built to protect it from breakage. I'd recommend getting the box, opening it to ensure the statue is inside, make sure the box doesn't have tracking software, and then just use it to transport the statue safely. We should also check the box out astrally, to make sure there's no traceable auras on it. Whaddya say, guys?"

When Trollick mentions the Sugarland job, Hawkeye nods in agreement.

"I'm up for that, provided we take the precautions that I mentioned before."


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If you posted during the week receive 5 xp.

Working for A Living

"You can bunk with me, big guy. I could use the company; I don't snore, either, but I might talk your ear off. Whaddya say?"
OOC: Skyscrapers make up most of the buildings in the Helton Metroplex, and many of those are only used for private residences. Buying an apartment in a skyscraper means you own part of that building. There is no rent for living there, but expenses for utilities, maintenance, and improvements are shared equally among the tenants. Tenants can work off part of their building dues by volunteering for security service. Since you own your residence you may do whatever you wish with it.

"How time sensitive are these runs? I was figuring a day or two of downtime to put our earnings to some personal use would be good. I was also wondering if you might know of any talisman shops or some such dedicated to folk culture where I might acquire a functional fetish, talisman, or totem. I ought to do something with my cred other than buy food and I have an aversion to integrated technology.”

The inside of Shatterframe’s sedan has adjustable rotating seats so that the occupants can face each other. It’s a little tight on space with two giants, but it’s a comfortable ride as you reach maximum speed on the highway.

Shatterframe reaches up to take off her remote headset, and for a moment the group can see lights flashing under her skin, marking the internal parts connected to her brain. The still moving car does not waver a bit, under the influence of its autopilot. She smiles as she turns her seat to look at the runners, and in the bright interior of her sedan can be seen a metallic sheen to her eyes.

She says, “These jobs are always time sensitive. This is the sweet life, fellas. What else do you have to do besides be out there on the streets making a living? A couple of grand for some dead pests isn’t bad for a nights work, but it won’t get you far either. You’ve got about twenty-two hours left. That should be plenty of time to get some rest, find some company, and purchase any gear you can find in the city, magical or otherwise. If you would like a recommendation, Ranella’s Mystical Portables over on fifteenth street has a clean reputation.”

When Trollick mentions the Sugarland job, Hawkeye nods in agreement. "I'm up for that, provided we take the precautions that I mentioned before."

Shatterframe remarks, “The box will certainly have tracking devices on it. You can go into the VR to detect any signals and remove them. The higher pay means there are likely to be some goons poking around after this item. Of course, the only people we can trust on jobs are in this car right now.”

Syd Vicious remained silent.

[sblock=Second offer] In Sugarland there is a storage unit that I’ve lost the key to. I need you to open this locked storage unit. Inside you will find a box. You may open the box, I just need what’s inside. You don’t have to keep the box, just the statue inside the box. Bring me that statue.
Pay: 2500 credits each [/sblock]

You each receive a message from Shatterframe on your phone that reads: Brimstone’s Storage, Level 6, Unit 56 “That’s the info for the unit,” she explains.

She drops each of the runners off at their desired location. You may make purchases and add them to your inventory.

You meet the following night at the same repair center, and sense nothing amiss. This time Shatterframe picks you up in a bright green minivan with flowering vines painted on the side and sliding rear doors. It has more room than the sedan, but as before Shatterframe is in the drivers seat with her remote headset on. Her black suit is the same as it was the night before.

“Nice to see you again,” she says, her voice coming through the van speakers. She drives to Sugarland and pulls up to one of the skyscrapers with a white sign that reads Brimstone’s Storage over the door.

Roll perception and include it in your post during the week for intentions.
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She says, “These jobs are always time sensitive... If you would like a recommendation, Ranella’s Mystical Portables over on fifteenth street has a clean reputation.”
Trollick nods, grateful for the info but feels no need to verbally respond.

You each receive a message from Shatterframe on your phone that reads: Brimstone’s Storage, Level 6, Unit 56 “That’s the info for the unit,” she explains...

You meet the following night at the same repair center, and sense nothing amiss...
Trollick steps from the vehicle and makes a quick cursory scan of the area. Seeing no immediate threat, he takes more time to look and listen, noting any near alleys or other business fronts, anything that might prove important.
[sblock=Perception]14(commercial) + 21(konokoro) = 35[/sblock]
[sblock=Observation]14(commercial) + 21(empathy) + 65(d100) = 100[/sblock]
"Well gents, front door or do we look for another possible entrance?"

OOC: Since Health talismans should be the most common and least expensive and real animal parts are illegal to own, during the downtime, Trollick will try to purchase bloodstone ring or bracelet.
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After a soy-synth burger with real onion and lettuce and a rice beer to wash it down, Syd spent his downtime sleeping fast in a local coffin hotel (4 hours always seemed to serve him well). He then hopped a commuter tram to his mother's apartment in the Baytown district with a view over the water. After a brief visit, involving some interesting updates (included in the weeks post), Syd goes to the garage to get his Kawazuki Street Screamer, a go-gang favorite motorbike, and tool around town; especially the Sugarland District and the Brimstone's Storage facility.

First, he just drives by the place, getting as good of an overview of the place as he can. He then comes back around to enter the office under the pretense of buying a storage space for his bike; the clerk immediately goes into her sales pitch. All the while, Syd is checking out the security set-up, locks, cameras, and especially, the guards: type (are they merely a hired service, or mercs, or ex-Corp types), race, arms and armor, attentiveness to their job, etc. After he gets the spiel and is asked by the cute, for a dwarf, attendant, Syd acts embarrassed by the price per month and politely bows out the door, hops on his Street Screamer and heads out to meet Shatterframe and the rest at the rendezvous point, leaving his bike in Shatterframe's care while on the mission.

Syd divulges the intel he scraped up with his little day trip. He then prepares himself and his gear. Exits the van with the others and whispers one of his mantras: "The night is going to get gnarly."

Going by Mac's example ---

Perception roll (bonuses): Commercial: 16 + Konokuro: 12 = 28 (roll, if needed: 37 (d100) = 65)
Observation roll: Commercial: 16 + Empathy: 11 + 81 (d100) = 108

And, just to get the rolls in:

Reflex/Defense roll (bonuses): Readiness: 20 + Reflex: 5 = 25 (roll, if needed: 66 (d100) = 91)
1st Combat roll (bonuses): Attack: 20 + Combat: 6 = 26 (roll, if needed: 79 (d100) = 105)
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Hawkeye is dressed for success on this mission, wearing his streamlined VR rig, which looks as is if he is simply wearing a pair of sunglasses. He chuckles to himself as he recalls memes from CyberBook about the first VR rigs, big, clunky, helicopter-pilot-helmet rigs that made a person's head look like a giant, green 6-ball. He was glad to be living in the sleek, chic now, wearing the latest design from Texas Instruments.

Besides the VR rig, he was wearing his enchanted armored clothing, and toting the big Ruger in a concealed shoulder rig. As he exited the van, which reminded him of the Mystery Machine, he took a casual look around, trying not to look as jittery and on-edge as he felt.

Commercial: 20 (21 w/ VR), Konokoro: 14, Total = 34 (35).

Commercial: 20 (21 w/ VR), Empathy: 15, Roll: 81, Total = 116 (117)

Hawkeye nods at Trollick, "Lead the way, chief. I got yer back."
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Syd Vicous Scouts Out Brimstone Storage

After scanning the VR for interesting information, Syd learns there is a turf war brewing between the Hudu Krew and the Wild Wongos after some HK’s were caught harassing people outside of a bar that the WW’s protect. The story does not include the name of the bar, but you can conclude from the other details that it is the Axelrad Lounge. (For extra information about this conflict any group member may roll d100 to add to a Commercial skill check. Include the rolls in the next posts)

At Brimstone Storage in Sugarland all looks normal on the outside. The storage space is on the bottom floor of a typical looking skyscraper, and there is ample parking for his Kawazuki Screamer. The front door of the business leads immediately to a stairway that descends one floor to the main office. All of the storage area is underground in nine levels of basement junk, and access to the lower areas is provided by an elevator next to the stairwell. Inside the office there are several kiosks which contain all the information about the storage units including square feet, price, and the disclaimers about storing illegal items. There are no privacy rights in the storage units and Helton PD can enter and search them at any time with a proper warrant. Any items abandoned in units that have delinquent payments will be auctioned or trashed.

Inquiring at the kiosk about storing his bike, Syd learns there is a service elevator on the other side of the building that leads to the first few floors of the subbasement for large items such as vehicles.

There are three attendants in the office, the short, cute woman, a dark-skinned giant with straight steel horns installed in his forehead, and a normal sized brutish woman with pale skin and pink hair, but they are security guards there to monitor the property. They are all armed with Disney Stellar medium pistols with attached bayonets, and are wearing light armor with a fiery BS on the chest for Brimstone Storage. Any comments made to the guards will cause them to politely direct Syd back to the kiosks. All sales and payments are handled by the kiosks through the VR. There is nothing in their appearance or behavior to suggest that they are anything except security guards that probably live in the building and protect the storage area as part of the revenue for their home. As is typical of a skyscraper, drones attached to the hall ceiling have lights and cameras that monitor all areas of the storage building. These drones can detach and follow intruders and can be on auto direct or controlled by another security officer through the VR.

Brimstone Storage has twenty four hour access for customer convenience.
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For posting during the week receive 5 xp

Earning the Box Credits

[sblock=Perception] number to hit: 80 for gangers, 110 for spy drone
Trollick: 14+21+65=100, Hawkeye: 21+16+81=117, Syd: 16+12+25 (scouting)+81=134 [/sblock]
Once outside of Shatterframe’s van, the Runners immediately notice a group of four Spartan Dogs, yet another gang, standing around on the corner across the street next to their parked bikes. They seem to be minding their own business, but your experience tells you they are watching you without trying to be obvious about watching you.

Hawkeye and Syd notice a spider legged drone clinging to the wall of the skyscraper above their heads. Its camera eye is focused on the group, and Syd says, “That was definitely not there when I was here earlier.”
Since there is no way to know if the gangers or the drone are connected to your job, and since the Runners are robbing the place and extra attention is not wanted, the decision is made to proceed to the marked unit 56 on level 6. (nothings going to happen until that box leaves the unit anyway)

Inside the office, Syd notices that one of the security guards is the same, the giant with steel horns, but the two women are replaced with an orc with dark tan skin, a thick brow, and long pointed tusks protruding from his jaw. This guard is outfitted the same as the others. The horned giant seems to recognize Syd from earlier in the day, but does not address him. The two guards seem to be going through the motions of another boring shift.

Gaining access to the underground storage levels is easy. All you have to do is pose as a fake customer. There is no credit charge until a unit is actually used, and potential customers are allowed to browse the units to find one that meets their needs. There are two ways down to level 6, the stairway, or the elevator. The service elevator only goes down to level 3.
OOC: We are still getting used to this setting so I will provide actions and rolls for handling the storage unit as an example of what can be done.

The Runners notice that the locks on the units of level 6 are standard security, until they get to unit 56. This lock is different, and at a glance seems to be of higher quality. Hawkeye sits down against the wall opposite the unit and slips the VR headset over his eyes as Trollick and Syd keep watch.

As Hawkeye moves his consciousness into the VR, the darkness inside the headset blinks and suddenly he is looking at the virtual Brimstone Storage. The Virtual Realm has a different appearance than the Hard Realm. There are no shadows in VR, since there are no light sources and everything is a representation inside the brain. The colors are bright and cartoonish, and the hallways of the storage area now look like dark grey stone walls of a castle, with the roll doors of the units appearing as thick banded wood doors with ancient steel keyholes. The mortar in between the stones of the walls is bright and glowing like lava. The light/camera drones watching on the ceiling are represented by crows perched on stone sconces with red glowing eyes. His experience in VR tells Hawkeye it would be almost impossible to shut the drones off without alerting security, but if the drones are still in auto detect, which they are, he can override their programming to tell them to look the other way for a while.
[sblock=VR roll] Commercial task+Obscurative task+d100) 21+21+61=103
Number to hit: 100-103= 3 minutes that his command will stay in effect [/sblock]
Hawkeye smiles as the perched crows turn their heads, and at the same time Trollick and Syd nod to each other as they see the ceiling drones spin their lenses away from unit 56.
[sblock=Now for the locked door] Hawkeye 21+21+76=118, number to hit: 85, success [/sblock] The lock on unit 56 clicks as it disengages and while the wood door in the VR swings open at Hawkeye’s touch, the roll door in the HR slides up into the ceiling, granting access to the storage area. Inside the concrete room is a plain ancient looking wood box on the floor, which appears the same in both realms, only about two feet across to each side. It is a simple plank design with rusted nails holding it together and gaps in the planks. There are old, faded ink stamps across the surface from several languages and countries, and the box is crusted with dried dirt and splattered with what could be blood. In the VR Hawkeye looks over the box closely and locates three tracking devices that he determines would send a signal through the VR if deactivated.

Hawkeye disengages from the VR, removes his headset, and locates the trackers on the box. The tracking devices are thin slips of plastic and metal slid in between the gaps in the planks. They are removed and left in the unit to not alert security. The door of unit 56 is closed and locks again as though nothing happened. The entire process took less than a minute.

Regardless of how the Runners decide to leave Brimstone Storage, there are no problems until they reach the outside.

Walking towards Shatterframe’s van still parked where it was, the three start to think this is the easiest 2500 credits they’ve ever made. The spider drone is no longer visible on the building or anywhere else. The Spartan Dogs across the street look at the Runners and their eyes land on the box. Before anything else can happen, another van, beige in color, slams on its breaks on the street next to the gangers. The door of the van slides open and Syd recognizes the brutish woman with pale skin and pink hair with each hand holding a single full auto weapon as she opens fire at the Spartan Dogs. Simultaneously a full auto weapon pops out of the top of the van and fires on Shatterframe’s van.

Surprise round: none of your three Runners are targeted, only the Spartan Dogs gangers and Shatterframe’s vehicle.
[sblock=Surprise attack] Pink Hair Attack: 52(base)+93(d100)+100(luck)=245
Spartan Dogs: Defend: 53(base)+24=77 (multiple targets=3 hit)
Damage=50 per target, Armor clothing 50-10 deflect=40. Body:10-40=30, Mind:10-30=20, Essence:9-20, deceased
Van Driver: Attack: 60(base)+50(d100)=110
Shatterframe Defense: 70(base)+10(d100)-50(stationary)=30
Shatterframe: 17-10(deflect)=7, Body 10-7=3 Body [/sblock]
While the three Runners stare in shock, the van attack has lethal results. With their concentration on you three, the Spartan Dogs and Shatterframe are caught completely unaware. The pink haired woman opens up with a loud blast as she shreds three of the gangers, killing them instantly with a hail of bullets. The full auto machine gun mounted to the van roof rips a line through Shatterframe’s windshield, hitting her with bullets and shrapnel from her own blasted vehicle.
Shatterframe screams in pain over her van’s comm.

Roll Reaction and state intentions.

One of you must be carrying the box, so discuss and designate a box carrier through Line chat. It is not any heavier than you expect a wood box to be. One of the giants can tuck the box under their arm and free a hand for fighting, but Syd would have to use both hands to hold it.
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Street-savvy Syd, seeing the danger of their situation, immediately goes into action and calls the plays:

"Chummers, this whole run is on the verge of becoming total drek. Shatterframe looks bad and I'm the only one who has a rigger's jack besides her. Let's move! Hawkeye, take the box to the van. It should be armored well enough to keep you and the box safe...for now. If anyone comes up to you, other than Trollie Boy and myself, give them a high-caliber brain drain. Trollick, use the van for cover and see if there's a side route out of this hornet's nest we've found ourselves in. Keeping to the main streets will only get Lone Star in on this. I don't think we want that."

All the while, Syd's been backing up toward the van to get behind it for cover. After finishing his orders to the rest, Syd hops into the cab of the van, keeping as low as he can behind the dashboard, to see how Shatterframe is doing.

As he sidles next to her he asks in a surprisingly soothing voice: "Shatterframe, how you holding out? Listen, I need to jack in to the rig here, so I'm going to disconnect you. We'll get you to a Doc Wagon as soon as we get out of this mess."

Reaction roll: d100 (88)

Extra rolls for whatever: 59 (Ack!!), 81, 72, 90, 44 (Yikes!), 76, 68 (Hrm).
Gonna quite before I roll something really bad.
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Trollick Takes His Queue

Trollick takes off at a dead run, away from the enemy van, veering away from the tower that contained the storage unit to use the runners' own van as cover. While he runs, he draws his Mars 50 and, simultaneously, bends the available light waves around him to increase the shadows around him, hoping to improve his defense against enemy fire.

Once behind cover of Shatterframe's van, he will spin once and fire directly at the machine gun turret on Pinky's van. He will then continue down the street looking for a suitable place to stage a better counter-assault or escape plan.
[sblock=Reaction Time]17 (Readiness) + 14 (Athletic) + 22 (Clarity) + 64 (d100) = 117[/sblock]
[sblock=Speed of Action]100 (move/Way) + 15 (armor) - 16 (strength) - 117 (reaction) = -18
Second Action: -18 + 50 (pistol) = 32
Third Action: 32 + 100 (move) = 132[/sblock]
[sblock=Projectile Assault]17 (Readiness) + 14 (Athletic) + 22 (Clarity) + 44 (d100) = 97[/sblock]
In case others fire back:
[sblock=Projectile Avoidance]Darken: 16 (Bending) + 22 (Darken) = 38
14 (Obscure) + 22 (Analysis) + 38 (Darken) + 92 (d100) + 79 (luck) = 245 + ? (cover)[/sblock]

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