The Untamed Wilds: Electric Skies


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Sl-iver-moon and the Minions
[sblock=Reaction] Hawkeye: 55+116(d100)-45(hinder)=126, Trollick: 58+76(d100)-20(hinder)=114,
Syd Vicious: 49+85(d100)-53(hinder)=81
Slivermoon: 60+92+96(d100)-25=223, Young Shapeshifter (lynx) 60+07(d100)-25=42, YS (lion) 60+43-25=78, YS (leopard) 60+09-25=44 [/sblock]

Speed of Action: Slivermoon, Hawkeye, Slivermoon, Trollick, Syd, lion, leopard, lynx, Hawkeye, Slivermoon, Trollick

you've been kidnapping bonded pets, and using them to build an army of whatever these things are
At Hawkeye’s words Slivermoon bares her sharp teeth in rage. “Curse you, plodder (a derogatory term for giants). We’re just as natural as you are. The magic of the Way lines continues to bring amazing changes, even in us.” As she uses her first action to speak an amazing change indeed comes over her. White, spotted fur sprouts over her body and her head morphs into that of a snow leopard with her hands and feet becoming paws. “But we won’t go back to being pets!”

As soon as she finishes her declaration, Hawkeye aims his Ruger Phoenix at the lion’s foot and fires. The bullet tears a chunk off her ankle and the alley fills with the pained hiss of a cat. At the same time, he shapes the shadows around him to grant projectile defense.

[sblock=Hawkeye revolver attack]
Hawkeye: 55+86=141, lion: 60+34+25(called shot)=119 =6 damage
Body: 10-6=4, Speed of action 78-60=18, change of order [/sblock]

With quick agility Slivermoon leaps past her friends to attack Hawkeye with her gleaming metal claw gloves, seeking to avoid his armor as he did with the lion. The darker shadows do not seem to hinder her, but she misses a crease in his heavy armor and only punches one of the plates, doing no damage.
[sblock=Slivermoon claw attack]
Slivermoon: 60+67=127, Hawkeye: 58+63+25(called shot)=146, no damage [/sblock]

Trollick surges forward to engage the male leopard. He instinctively uses his magic to warp the shadows around him even as he realizes the extra darkness won’t have much effect on these werecats. His punch thumps solid into the wereleopard’s chest, eliciting a grin from the cat face until the Ionize magic begins to melt him from the inside. The cat screeches in utter pain but manages to stay on his feet as his fur falls out in clumps.

[sblock=Trollick unarmed strike]
Trollick: 63+76=139, leopard: 60+44=104, 1 damage
Leopard: soak 10-1=9
Trollick paranormal assault: 44+90+77=211, leopard: 60+62=122, 8 damage
Leopard: Body 10-8=2, Speed of action 44-80=0, change of order [/sblock]

In the cramped alley Syd Vicious is almost standing next to Slivermoon and stabs with his sabre as he opens up with his AK4700 at point blank range, carefully positioning his shots to avoid his comrades. His burst of bullets rips into her armor, but does not seem to penetrate.

[sblock=Syd Full Auto attack]
Syd: 49+65+25(extra weapon)+50(point blank)=189, Slivermoon 60+87=147, 12 damage
Slivermoon: Light armor 20-12=8 [/sblock]

With his companions reeling from their painful wounds, the werelynx leaps at Syd, his claw gloves reaching to tear his flesh. The claws scratch down his medium armor, failing to draw blood.

[sblock=Lynx claw attack]
Lynx: 60+81=141, Syd: 49+54=103, 7 damage
Syd: Medium armor soak 15-7=8 [/sblock]

Seeing this battle is going their way, Hawkeye levels his Ruger at Slivermoon and fires point blank. The bullet punches through her armor and her body and the weresnowleopard flops onto her back unconscious, bleeding onto the cement.

[sblock=Hawkeye revolver attack]
Hawkeye: 55+40(GM d100)+50(point blank)=145, Slivermoon: 60+21=81, 19 damage
Slivermoon: Light armor 8-19=-11, Body 10-11=-1, Mind 10-1=9 [/sblock]

The werelion cries out and falls to her knees, cradling Slivermoon’s head in her lap as the lion shifts back into what looks like a dark-skinned teenage girl.
“Please stop! We’re sorry, we give up.”
Tears leak down her brown cheeks and her surrender seems genuine.

Combat is effectively over as you have dominated these naughty kitties into submission. State intentions.
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Hawkeye is Merciful.

Hawkeye's eyes narrow into a stern glare, "We aren't the type of people who react well to being threatened, attacked, or ambushed. But we're also not murderers. I'm going to help you stabilize your friend, but if this is a trick, you won't get a second chance, got it?"

Hawkeye will holster his gun, and remove his right glove, so that he can lay his hand on Silvermoon. He will attempt to channel Way to accelerate her healing process.

Render Physical Aid:
Mercantile (21) + Collegiate (3) + d100 (71) = 95 total.
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While Hawkeye is healing Slivermoon, Syd will stand guard making sure there are no attacks made by any were-creature or random feline anywhere.


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"Get over there, together, and keep your hands on top of your heads." Trollick herds the werecats into a group off to one side, making it easier for him and Syd to keep an eye on them.

"So who has managed to cause this change within you? Does some Bender have the talent to actually merge an animal with a person, or is this some abominable technology?"
[sblock=Negotiate]16 (mercantile) + 24 (clarity) + 73(d100) = 113[/sblock]
[sblock=BTW, Render Physical Aid, Hawkeye]Recover Time: 10 days * loss of Body / (target Health + target Confluence + 95)[/sblock]
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That's the Biz

The Young Shapeshifters all change into their human forms. Out of the two males the lynx becomes a Caucasian man with a beard striped the same way as his fur, and the leopard becomes Hispanic. They make no more threatening moves, and they cooperate with your directions.

In response to the question of their origins, the werelynx says, “We really were cats most of our lives, bonded pets as they said. Just as the Way lines changed your form and made it larger, so did the magic change us after time. We developed the ability to change into a human form. Being in the enclave around so many magicians probably sped up the process in us. Perhaps it is something that was dormant in our genes, passed down from many centuries ago when magic was last seen in the world.”

Around the corner of the skyscraper comes your employer and a tall Asian man with his hair in one long braid. PC seems perturbed, but at the shapeshifters, not you. The man holds his hands up to show he bears you no ill will. You are certain you have not seen this man before. Accompanying the stranger is a clowder of identical Siamese cats. Strangely enough they move around so much that you cannot get an accurate count of how many. The Siamese cats do not bother you or approach you and they remain silent other than the constant shuffle of their motion.

PC says to Slivermoon’s prone form, “Well I hope you’ve learned a lesson. Trying to hide in plain sight is just stupid. I had hoped you would come to your senses and tell me what happened,” she turns to the three of you and says, “But you have revealed the truth instead. Your job is complete. You may return to Shatterframe to find that all of you have been paid.”

The Asian man steps forward and says to the shapeshifters, “This change is not something to be hidden and feared. Let us return to the Enclave and celebrate.”

You depart as the magicians are embracing the shapeshifters and return to Shatterframe.

Gain 3000 credits

Shatterframe says, “Good job with the kitties. Clearwater sends her regards for not killing any of them. They were just trying to scare the truth out of them. So there’s shapeshifters now, huh? If it happened here it stands to reason it happened in other animal centric groups. The streets just got a little weirder. I still have these two other jobs."

First offer: I gave this job to someone else and now they’ve disappeared too. I upped the pay as per the mortal danger clause. Down on the coast in a place called Surfside Beach four regular people and two runners have disappeared. All of their equipment, supplies, clothes, and vehicles were found, just no people. I need you to investigate their disappearance. As per their choice by law, the families involved have elected to hire Freelancers instead of the HPD to solve this mystery, so don’t count on cooperation from law enforcement. -Pay: 3000 credits

Second offer: In Port Arthur there’s a man that needs to deliver a package and he’s decided to hire his own security, which is you three. Of course, I’ll be providing transportation to his destination in downtown, but you will have to accompany him through the skyscraper where he wants to go and hand deliver his goods. This job requires two things for full payment. 1. Customer can’t die 2. Package must be delivered where he wants it. -Pay: 3000 credits

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Hawkeye's Two Cents

Hawkeye muses to himself, ~Hmmm. Ok, so not what I thought at first, but that's ok. Instead of magically manufactured monsters, they turned out to be mutants. And instead of being the source of an insidious plot, they merely turned out to be yearning for their freedom. I'll just have to make a mental note to be more open-minded in the future. I really would have regretted killing that girl, even if it would have been an honest mistake. I just wish people nowadays weren't so duplicitous; makes it hard to tell who the bad guys are, sometimes.~

Hawkeye scoffs, "I still say that Port Arthur is a dump. And the conditions of that job sound fishy to me. Let's take a trip to Surfside Beach. Whaddya say, fellas?"


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
"I'll get outvoted either way; so, I guess it's a beach run." Syd laments.
"You sound like you're gettin' stuck with the short stick. I am still curious about the Port Arthur gig, but I guess we are headed way over to Surfside. I have never seen the ocean. I wonder if people can still get in it."

Trollick, who is still hoping to locate a reputable Mystic Walk-up, spends his downtime looking for a trinket to augment his natural strength. Additionally, he realizes that his mystic tuning has expanded so he takes some time on the roof of the skyscraper where Hawkeye lives, out of sight of others, to experiment.
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
During downtime, Hawkeye will ask Shatterframe if she knows where he can get a "Combo" headset; it should be both a VR set and a VLD set, in one, and it should be low-profile, like his current set (which looks like a pair of sunglasses.) It should also use the same base jack, so as to avoid surgery to install a new jack.

Hawkeye asks Shatterframe, "Does such a thing exist? If so, it's gotta be high-tech. What's the price tag like on something like that?"


Supplemental Post
he would like to find a mystic walk-up.
Since the quality is excellent at Ranella’s Mystic Portables, you decide to go there again. This time instead of the usual security there is an old orc sitting on a stool. His warty face, wide ears, and uneven tusks seem genuine to an orc born, not the smooth fakes that people have implanted. He is broad and squat, perched on the stool at ease and is wearing a typical blue work uniform without insignia. At his bare feet are three large rats the size of small dogs, but they merely stare in curiosity, not menace, and stay by the orc’s stool. They are oddly silent as they stare and work their noses in the air.

The orc nods as you enter and says, “I saw you come in before. My name’s Zerusk, head artificer at Ranella’s. You’re not like the usual chubs that buy jewelry for good health. You’re actually using the magic. If you don’t want to bother with the machines you can give your orders to me directly. I can make custom pieces that are more mindful of moving with a purpose.”

You may list Zerusk of Ranella’s Mystic Portables as a business contact.

it should be both a VR set and a VLD set
Shatterframe answers, "Yes you can have both, as I do. I can use my headset to control my car or link to the VR, but not both at once. Autopilot comes in handy for when I need to VR while I'm driving."
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... The orc nods as you enter and says, “I saw you come in before. My name’s Zerusk, head artificer at Ranella’s. You’re not like the usual chubs that buy jewelry for good health. You’re actually using the magic. If you don’t want to bother with the machines you can give your orders to me directly. I can make custom pieces that are more mindful of moving with a purpose.”
Trollick nods and offers his hand in friendly gesture to Zerusk. "Good to meet you and good to know. Everyone calls me Trollick. I am developing my particular affinity for the fluctuations of the Way lines. Most people just see me as a thug, a mouth breather. I bet you get the same dismissal."

"I am trying to build my tuning a piece at a time, as I can afford. I am currently looking to augment my strength. I have heard the term livestone. Since real animal parts are a bit too exotic or unavailable, it would be cool to find the green stone shaped like a croc tooth or boar tusk. The usual business model of half now half on delivery work for you?"


Supplemental Post
it should be low-profile, like his current set (which looks like a pair of sunglasses.)
The necessary components for the VR and Remote headset will be a little bit bulkier than glasses, more like fortified goggles. The helmet-like apparatus that comes with the necessary components is designed to protect and cushion the head while the person is operating. Sometimes long sessions in the VR can happen in uncomfortable places and having protective headgear can help since any blow to the head could interrupt the user at a crucial time.

I am trying to build my tuning a piece at a time, as I can afford. I am currently looking to augment my strength
Zerusk takes a pouch from his pocket and from it he pulls a strange bracelet. It is a set of interlocking squares with stones set in them. He shows you how the squares unhook from each other and go back together. With one of these bracelets you could place several stones in line, and even buy them one square at a time, switching them out as needed. After fiddling with it he holds out on his palm the bracelet with a green stone set in one of the squares and alloy blanks in the others.

Zerusk says, “This will boost your strength and would do you better than a flashy piece. It’s subtle and it fits well under armor. You can always buy more stones later and add them to the bracelet. 1000 credits.”
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Surfside Up

After making your purchases and getting some rest, you meet Shatterframe at Nacho’s and inform her you are taking the Surfside job. As usual the drive to the site is uneventful and Shatterframe takes you to a construction area where a skyscraper is being renovated. After you exit the van you can hear the unfamiliar sound of the beach crashing on the other side of the thirty foot sea wall.

Roll perception and state intentions

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
OOC: Perception base roll: 83

Hawkeye is rolling as normal, his new VR/VLD on and active (recording the mission) and heavy armor on, Ruger in its quickdraw holster on his right hip. He intends to scan the area, paying close attention to the sea wall on one side, and the "back yard" (for lack of a better term) of the skyscraper on the other, paying close attention to any big equipment that someone could hide behind.

Hawkeye says, "Ya know, on second thought..." He lets the thought trail off as he draws the Ruger and cocks the hammer back.

~Double-action pull is less accurate, and I want my first shot to really count.~
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OOC: Mechanic Note:
Perception or "passive search" does not have a random component. Passive Search is based on the Obscurative Skill. Observation or "active search," which is based on the Mercantile Skill, has a random component.

[sblock=Passive Search]16(obscure) + 27(analysis) = 43[/sblock]
[sblock=Active Search]16(mercantile) + 33(clarity) + 78(d100) = 127[/sblock]
Trollick steps from the van and moves away from it a few strides before stopping to scan the area, visually, audibly, and paranormally. He listens to know if anything other than waves seem to be hitting the wall and he searches through the skeleton of the skyscraper to see if there are any onlookers.


OOC: Perception Roll --- 67% (Uh oh?)

Syd follows behind Trollick using the big guy as cover so as to bust a move when he has to without being directly seen. He uses Way to make himself seem as a shadow or an obscure wisp of some semi-ethereal thing that no one can be certain as to what they are seeing (Kind of like the old AD&D 'Hide in Shadows'.)


Weekly post: 5 xp

Heat Is On

[sblock=First offer] I gave this job to someone else and now they’ve disappeared too. I upped the pay as per the mortal danger clause. Down on the coast in a place called Surfside Beach four regular people and two runners have disappeared. All of their equipment, supplies, clothes, and vehicles were found, just no people. I need you to investigate their disappearance. As per their choice by law, the families involved have elected to hire Freelancers instead of the HPD to solve this mystery, so don’t count on cooperation from law enforcement. [/sblock]

The sea wall was built to keep out storm surges, and during rough weather waves still spill over the thirty foot concrete structure. There are stairways at regular intervals that lead to the top, and on pleasant days people will still sit out on the sand under the sun. Very few are brave enough to venture out into the water with razor tipped fish and ankle-biting shallow water sharks that environmental laws prevent the killing of, even in personal defense. Out in the distance of the warm Gulf of Mexico larger creatures can often be seen moving, protected by the same laws. Those that do swim with the fishes are advanced magicians that feel a kinship with the sea and its denizens. There are few boats and those belong to the naval defense. Air travel is too convenient to risk the waves.

Unlike the areas you have been frequenting lately, this street in Surfside has gaps in the skyscrapers with only a few intact and operational. The closest building in use is two blocks away. There are few vehicles passing by on the streets, and there is no foot traffic. The rest of Houston is like a black wall of buildings surrounding you, topped as always by the blinking lights of the drones and airships.
The building in front of you is deserted at night, and a twenty-foot tall steel bar fence surrounds it. There are three entrances to the fence that you can see and drones with flashing red lights are floating by the gates to warn everyone to keep out. More drones will be on top of the building. You know from experience that these drones record and report what they see.

Through her sedan’s audio system, Shatterframe says, “The family of four in the job details was found buried naked by one of the supports to this skyscraper. They were all stabbed to death and the wounds were so torn that the type of weapon could not be determined. The two runners I sent to investigate were thrown off the top of this skyscraper and died not too far from where we’re standing. They had no other wounds and the physics analysis confirmed that they were thrown off, and did not jump, from the roof. The family was only found after the bodies of the runners were, by HPD investigating the murder of the runners. The extended family of the buried people, the Billingtons, has elected to hire an execution squad, you three, to find and eliminate the murderers. HPD has confirmed that this situation is within the law. In this case the investigation of the HPD could help you since they already know who threw the runners off the top. One is a giant, Mandi Pinkins, and the other an elf, Grebeto Glitterface. They were seen tossing the runners by a passing delivery drone. Since there is no confirmation that Pinkins and Glitterface killed the buried people you will have to find proof or get a confession. As usual there was no grievance filed for the deaths of the runners, so the duo is off the hook for those killings. All of this happened yesterday. Pinkins and Glitterface could be anywhere in the city. You have a week before you will be replaced on this job, but on the bright side no one else can collect on Pinkins and Glitterface as long as you have this contract.”

You receive a copy of the job file including personal information for Pinkins and Glitterface. Pinkins is a brutish looking giant with a scraggly grey beard and a thin fringe of grey hair. Glitterface is a haggard looking elf with a cosmetic alteration that makes his face shine like glitter. He has thick curly black hair.

Required for pay: 1. Proof of who killed the Billington family 2. Proof of death of those responsible

[sblock=Active Search] Hawkeye: 21+16+83=120; Trollick: 16+28+78=122, Syd Vicious: 16+11+67=94 [/sblock]

As you are looking around and getting your bearings Hawkeye and Trollick notice a dark figure huddled in the shadows of one of the derelict skyscrapers. You can not see any details of this person and before you can do anything two HPD squad cars roll around either corner of the renovating skyscraper, flashing their red and blue lights to signify their authority.

Shatterframe says, “Keep your cool, chummers. The HPD never rolls in the open unless they’re doing legit biz.”

One woman gets out of the left squad car, her dark blue HPD uniform fitting snuggly over her frame. The has a small of calm condescension as she looks you over and says, “I’m Captain Towers, here to inform you that your contract has been recognized by Houston law enforcement. I am also here to warn you that you can only execute those that you have proof of. Anybody else and you answer to us. When you do have your legal limit, you can report fulfillment of your contract to me.”

“That’s strange, normally these things are done through the VR,” Shatterframe tells you.

Hawkeye and Trollick notice that under her professional demeanor, Captain Towers is nervous about something.

State intentions for proceeding
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Trollick steps deliberately toward the officer. "Captain. Thank you for your information. How are we to contact you? Do you mean 'you' personally or HPD? Do you have a direct line or a drop card?"

He looks to see if he can recognize if anything is amiss with her uniform or the car. While he is engaged with the short query, he will stimulate his own motility.
[sblock=Stimulate]Effectiveness = 31 + 62(d100) = 93
New Motility = 2(100 + 93)% = 4 (duration = 2 minutes)[/sblock]

If no conflict immediately occurs, he will wait for HPD to leave then approach the hiding figure to speak.


Syd, though feeling a bit off his game today (a little too much of the grog with old "friends" the night before), can't help but notice the "Captain's" obvious nervousness.
He had seen it before far too many times, especially from gangers who turned out to be moles for Lone Star, a Corp or other Entity --- or the Mob. Something wasn't right here. He could smell the stink of it. It was bracing, in a way. He was fully awake/aware now.
Not knowing Trollick was doing the same in his own way, Syd uses Way to get a better "feel" (perception) for the reason for her nervousness. Again, he was familiar with this sort of thing: as in, Gangers wearing a wire to indict a gang, or an individual ganger for their culpability in an "incident".
He looks to every detail about the HPD captain and the vehicles. Having spent a lot of time in the "care" of HPD in his ganger days, he felt sure he could spot any discrepancy in presentation and procedure of law enforcement practices.

Heightened (Way) Perception Roll: 96

He keeps it from looking obvious, but Syd has his hands near his firearm and his blade --- just in case.

Defense Roll (if needed): 90
1st Attack Roll (only to be used if necessary): 77
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Hawkeye turns on record mode in his VR glasses. He also uses Way to heighten his motility, just as Trollick did. He will take a good look at the captain, trying to sense whether or not something is out of place. He will also try to feel her presence, to see if she is an active Way Manipulator.

OOC: Not sure what my Stimulate task is. Base roll = 89. Base initiative (just in case): 91 + Luck (100!!!) + Luck (45) = 236. LOL. Hawkeye is READY! Base perception roll = 95 + Luck (67) = 162. Wow, I'm on a roll today. Sense Way (?) Not sure what that task is comprised of: Base roll = 71. Base attack roll (just in case): 88.