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The Untamed Wilds: Electric Skies


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HPD: Not so much authority as hired goons

OOC: The Runners have character knowledge that the Houston police will not interfere with your investigation. You are free to pursue the shadowy figure unhindered. You could have the target of your contract on their knees in front of them and blow their head off and HPD wouldn’t do a thing except process your contract as completed. Therefore, it strikes you as strange that Towers would come by to speak with you, and her warning is ridiculous. Of course it’s illegal to kill someone you don’t have a contract for.

You scrutinize Captain Towers, her partner still in the car, and the squad cars. Nothing seems fake. Not only do they have the right equipment, but it shows the right kind of wear and tear from regular use. None of you have seen Captain Towers before, but there are thousands of HPD captains scattered over the city.

How are we to contact you?

Captain Towers replies, “Let me know personally in the VR if you got the proof of guilt and death.” She shakes her finger at you in a playful manner, but you feel the weight of the threat behind it. “Don’t you try to go to anyone else once you’re through. I have a personal stake in this case, but the Billingtons wanted Freelancers to handle their justice.”

Deciding you’ve heard enough, the three of you turn your attention to the dark figure in the skyscraper across the street.

You see the figure turn to go and you pursue.

State intentions and give rolls for actions that you think would need rolls. If you wish to use previous rolls that you have not been used yet from your latest post, you may repeat them.
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
OOC: Hawkeye will stick with his previous, lucky rolls.

Hawkeye intends to give chase, but he will not outdistance his friends if he can help it. He will also not fire on the figure unless he is fired upon first.


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Nodding to Towers, somewhat dismissively, Trollick turns his attention to the task at hand. Seeing Hawkeye has the same intentions, he decides to try to outflank the shadowy figure to see if they can cause it to halt without conflict before conversation. Has he runs, the natural shadows seem to coalesce around him, making his own shadowy figure.

~It would be nice to get to talk to this person.~
[sblock=Active Search]16(mercantile) + 33(tranquility) + 95(d100) + 44(luck) = 188
This is to strategically flank and keep an eye on the quarry.[/sblock]
[sblock=Bend Light]18(bending) + 28(darken) + 50(d100) = 96
Projectile defense bonus & one time melee defense bonus = +96 - active search of opponent[/sblock]
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Syd knows he has to double time it just to keep up with his fellow runners. He trails behind Hawkeye and follows his lead.
He has his machine pistol and blade at the ready. He looks around to make sure this isn't an ambush.

Defense: rolled a 77
Perception; rolled an 89
First attacks (if necessary; rolled a 59 and 43 (Hrm)


Gamer Extraordinaire
Weekly post: 5xp

Shadow Boxing

Leaving the unpleasant Captain Towers and her entourage behind, the Runners pursue the dark figure. It is not moving that fast, and with your heightened motility you quickly cross the street and reach the skyscraper. As you draw closer you notice more details. The skyscraper is a mere empty frame, although it still towers to the same height as the others in the city. The one you are chasing is running along the girders and supports with superior agility. You see that your lack of detail on the figure is because he is cloaked in shadow as you are. The figure leaps to the ground and drops through a trapdoor into the subbasement of the skyscraper.

You are careful and don’t detect any traps or ambushes as you open the door and follow the figure down. Down a ladder the Runners find themselves in a bright corridor with metal walls. At the end of the corridor the shadow figure beckons you forward and opens a door. As soon as the steel door is open you hear the sound of cheering and animal grunts and screams. The shadow figure leads the way and you follow. Through the door you find a balcony overlooking an underground arena filled with about three hundred patrons, cheering for a fight in a caged area. A hog three meters long with hooked tusks is fighting two snakes five meters long. The hog is wounded in several places, but a third reptile is already trampled and unmoving on the ground. Focused on the action, the crowd doesn’t notice you as the shadow figure drops his cover.

Who you were chasing is an orc wearing a long coat over light armor. He has a pistol on his hip, but he holds his hands up in a gesture of non-hostility. He is young, with small tusks protruding from his bottom lip and coarse dark brown skin. His hair is fashioned in a tall black wave.

He says, “I mean you no harm, in fact, we can help each other. My name is Obrik Shadowstep. I’m a member of a druidic order. Billington was also a member. I discovered this disgusting den of death and asked him here to advise me on what to do, but the fool brought his family. His wife, daughter, and son. They reported this illegal arena to Captain Towers, but Towers and her crew are on the payroll of Scarlet Pips, the gangster that runs this place. Scarlet Pips had his thugs kill the Billingtons, but Billington’s father works for a member of the city council so he can keep pressure on this to find justice for his murdered son and the family. That’s where you three come in.

Scarlet Pips is onto me. I was sent by the order to investigate some disappearances in the animal reserves outside the city. The gangers are kidnapping exotic animals, fighting them to the death for the gambling money, then sell the meat and parts. It’s disgusting; the kind of thing that used to happen before the Violent Shift. Anyway, I can’t fight them on my own, but if you help me then I can point you at the ones that killed the Billingtons and you can collect on your contract.”

As Obrik finishes his pitch three humans walk through the door you came through, two men and a woman, all with light brown skin and straight black hair. They are carrying long black batons, and they look eager to use them.

The lead man says, “Obrik, you snake-spawn. More outsiders? These more of your druid buddies?”

[Sblock=Reaction] Syd 65+96=161, Hawkeye 61+91+100=252, Trollick 70+95+44=209, Obrik: 74+62=136,
Scarlet Pips enforcers- 1: 80+94+84=258, 2: 80+11=91, 3: 80+67=147 [/Sblock]

Speed of Action
Enforcer 1, Hawkeye, Trollick, Syd Vicious, Enforcer 1, Hawkeye, Enforcer 3, Obrik, Trollick, Enforcer 2, Syd Vicious, Enforcer 1, Hawkeye, Enforcer 3, Obrik, Trollick

Unused numbers I have catalogued:
Hawkeye: 95+67=162, 71, 88
Syd: 90, 77, 89, 59, 43
Trollick: 50

Enforcer 1 foolishly used his first action to taunt Obrik. It is Hawkeye's action. Declare intentions for the number of actions that you have under Speed of Action.
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
OOC: Since no perception or sensing actions were needed, these rolls can all be attack rolls, I guess.

Hawkeye, who had been recording ever since the party began chasing the shadowy figure (who turned out to be Obrik) pulls his pistol and intends to shoot the 3 goons, starting with the smarty-mouthed leader. He will put bullet after bullet into the first goon, until he falls. Once down, only THEN will he switch targets. Although amiable and garrulous, there is also a cold, methodical side to Hawkeye, one born of barely-controlled anger, a quiet rage which seeps out from time to time, to seek justice against the unrighteous. This is one of those times.

OOC: First attack: 162 base roll + Aggression (19) + Combat (5) + Fury (17) = 203.


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
OOC: 5/16/19: Awarded 5. Spent 3 to raise Aberrative to 4 and 1 to raise Divination to 2. Saved 1.

Not defaulting to gunnery, Trollick, who has constantly been improving in his talent for magic, tugs on the Mystic Way Lines he senses to to stiffen the motility of the enemy directly to his front. He knows enough time has passed to return his own motility to normal and for the shadows to no longer coalesce around him, but a good offense is the best defense.

He charges forward as he performs his his mental assault, physically engaging his foe. He punches both of his fists forward at the cretin's chest followed by an arcing ridge-hand at his head.

OOC: His target is Enforcer 2.
[sblock=Paranormal Assault]Lethargy = 10(essence) + 10(collegiate) + 8(confluence) + 4(aberrative) = 32
Effectiveness = 18(bending) + 32(lethargy) + 50(d100) = 100[/sblock]
[sblock=Physical Assault]Punch = 26(aggression) + 16(athletic) + 37(bolster) + 55(d100) = 134
Ridge-hand = 26 + 16 + 36 + 54(d100) = 132[/sblock]
[sblock=Physical Defense (if necessary)]21(readiness) + 16(obscure) + 29(analysis) + 55(d100) = 121[/sblock]
[sblock=Projectile Avoidance (if necessary)]16(obscure) + 29(analysis) + 54(d100) = 99[/sblock]
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If you made a weekly post: 5 xp

Bringing Guns to a Magic Fight

[Sblock=Hawkeye Ruger] Hawkeye: 59+95+67=221; Enforcer 1: 80+97+94=271 [/Sblock]
With a cold glint in his eye, Hawkeye levels his Ruger revolver at Enforcer 1 and fires. Enforcer 1 moves his baton in a reflexive defense gesture and amazingly, it works. The bullet ricochets off the baton into the wall, dealing no damage. Enforcer 1 looks as surprised as anyone.

[Sblock=Trollick Lethargy] Trollick: 100; Enforcer 2: 65+07=72, Motility damage: 5 [/Sblock]
Trollick can feel the Aberrative power take hold of Enforcer 2 to drain her Motility and slow her down.
Reaction adjust: Enforcer 2: 91-5=86, no Speed of Action change

[Sblock=Syd AK4700] Syd: 64+90+77=231; Enforcer 3: 80+45=125, Damage: 31
Medium Armor: 25-31= 6 Damage, Body: 10-6=4 [/Sblock]
With a sneer at their brazen aggression, Syd Vicious pulls out his AK4700, steps around Obrik to clear his line of fire, and rips out a burst at Enforcer 3. Enforcer 3 is focused on Obrik and is unprepared for the burst that rips across the chest of his Medium armor, spraying the balcony with blood and forcing him back a step.
Reaction damage: 6x5=30, Enforcer 3: 147-30=117, no Speed of Action change

[Sblock=Enforcer 1 Weaken] Enforcer 1: 60+40=100, Hawkeye: 55+71=126 [/Sblock]
With an elated grin Enforcer 1 points his baton at Hawkeye, who can feel magic power slip around him to steal his strength, shattering against his resistance. Enforcer 1’s grin fades as he feels his magic attack had no effect.

[Sblock=Hawkeye Ruger] Hawkeye: 59+88=147, Enforcer 1: 80+19=99, 14 Damage
Medium armor: 25-14=11 [/Sblock]
With Enforcer 1’s lucky baton out of the way, Hawkeye fires again with his Ruger. This time the bullet hits in the torso, but the Medium armor deflects the impact.

[Sblock=Enforcer 3 baton attack] Enforcer 3: 80+42=122, Syd Vicious: 64+89=153 [/sblock]
Enforcer 3 pushes a hidden switch and four razor sharp blades pop out of the end of the baton. He leaps forward and swings at Syd Vicious but the faster Syd evades the attack.

[Sblock=Obrik Sap] Obrik: 60+47=107, 65+83=148 [/sblock]
Obrik furrows his brow as he concentrates on Enforcer 3 in front of him, but there is no visible effect.

[Sblock=Trollick Jab] Trollick: 134; Enforcer 2: 75+98+20=193=counter-attack=11 Damage
Trollick: Armor Clothing: Soak 5-11=6 Damage, Body 12-6=6 [/sblock]
Trollick steps up and jabs a punch at Enforcer 2. Despite the damage to her Motility, she ducks the strike and thrusts her baton under Trollick’s chin, snapping his head back and filling his mouth with the taste of blood.
Reaction damage=6x5=30, 209-30=loss of action

[Sblock=Enforcer 2 baton attack] Enforcer 2: 75+53=128; Trollick: 121=1 damage
Trollick Body: 6-1=5 [/sblock]
Snarling at Trollick, Enforcer 2 strikes again with her baton and Trollick brings his arm up to block, taking only minor damage.

[Sblock=Syd Vicious AK4700] Syd: 64+59+25=148, Enforcer 3: 80+27=107=12 damage
Body 4-12=8 Mind Damage [/sblock]
With an eager glint in his eye, Syd Vicious blasts away again at Enforcer 3 at point blank range. The bullets rip through Enforcer 3 and he staggers back against the railing, falling into a sitting position as he loses consciousness.

[Sblock=Enforcer 1 Light Pistol] Enforcer 1: 80+88=168, Hawkeye: 59+100+71=230 [/sblock]
With Enforcer 3 down, panic sets in on Enforcer 1’s face and he pulls a light pistol to fire at Hawkeye. Hawkeye deftly sidesteps the bullet and hops toward Enforcer 1, who’s body language is declaring his intent to run.

[Sblock=Hawkeye Ruger] Hawkeye: 59+77+25=161, Enforcer 1: 80+05=85=22 damage
Medium armor: 11-22=11 damage, Body 10-11=1 Mind damage [/sblock]
Hawkeye blasts again with his Ruger at point blank on Enforcer 1, catching him in the gut. The man crumples around his wound and drops to knees before flopping over.

[Sblock=Obrik tackle] Obrik: 65+80=145, Enforcer 2: 75+57=132=minimal success [/sblock]
Obrik leaps past Syd and Trollick to tackle Enforcer 2 to the ground, but he only succeeds in awkwardly grabbing her around the waist and spinning around. She looks with wide eyes at her fallen comrades and drops her baton, ending the fight.

The Runners hear a commotion from the arena and glance over the balcony. The crowd noticed the fight and security guards are pointing up at the balcony with angry expressions.

Obrik lets go of the last standing enforcer and says, “This is Scarlet Pips territory. We better go before the bouncers show up.”

State intentions
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Syd reacts quickly:
"All right, guys.", he says to Trollick and Hawkeye,"Grab the woman so we, or Shatterframe, can question her. Obrik, you follow them. I'm right behind you while giving us some cover fire. Go!"

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Hawkeye levels his gun at the woman, and says: "You're coming with us, toots. Don't make the same mistake your boss did. Smart-alec comments will get you shot. You have one chance to comply. I do not play around."

Hawkeye intends to throw the woman over his shoulder and carry her out, fireman style.


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
OOC: #89: Awarded 5 + 1 saved = 6. Spent 4 to raise Aberrative to 5. Spent 2 to raise Divination to 3.

Since neither downed enforcer appears to be dead, Trollick will bodily lift and carry whichever one is physically smaller as he heads for the exit. Feeling no remorse or compassion for the foe, he will leach what life he can as he retreats. If he sense the person stops breathing, he will drop the body in the street.
[sblock=Mystic Assault]Leach = Essence + Collegiate + Confluence = 28
Effectiveness = 18(bending) + 28(leach) + 75(d100) = 121[/sblock]


Syd watches his friends and Obrik head out. He then turns to see the Scarlet Pip guards approach, climbing the stadium-like stairs. Syd backs out quickly, but with practiced agility so as not to stumble. Before he gets to the exit, he turns and bolts to catch up with the others, glancing back and around to make sure there is no sneak attack or ambush...or, if they get too close too quickly, he can lay some cover fire or a kill shot if need be.


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Weekly Post: 5 xp

Dead Lions Aren’t Much Fun

Trollick grabs Enforcer 3 and lugs him over his shoulder as the Runners make their escape.
[sblock=Leach] Trollick: 121 Enforcer: 102= 3 Body gained, Body 5+3=8 [/sblock]
Trollick can feel that his victim has stronger than normal magic resistance but he still feels his physical self rejuvenate as he leaches the lifeforce.

Enforcer 2 puts her hands up and quietly goes along. The Runners and Obrik emerge from the arena by the same door they entered to find Shatterframe waiting for them with the car doors open. Trollick drops Enforcer 3 since there won’t be enough room for him, Obrik, and Enforcer 2. The group quickly pile into the sedan, cramped now with the extra passengers, and Shatterframe pulls away as the arena security exits the building. Since the bouncers are carrying melee weapons, not guns, the Runners do not see the need to fire warning shots at them.

Over the vehicle sound system Shatterframe says, “We’re not being tracked.”

Squeezed in between the seats, Obrik says, “So, to fill in the rest of the gaps, as you know I belong to a group of druids called the Bright Leaf Society, and this nasty slitch here,” he points at the prisoner, “belongs to a gang of necromancers, namely the Dead Lions. They illegally profit from the arena fights, use the pieces of the dead creatures that they want for their own magic, and sell the rest. Of course, they pay off the HPD, lead by Captain Towers, to look the other way. Taking on the HPD isn’t an option. Even if we expose Towers and her crew as taking bribes the rest of the HPD will just want in on the action and will kill us to protect their image. We can, however, take out as many of the Dead Lions as we can.”

Your prisoner snickers and says, “Our ‘gang’ is much more organized than you realize, tree-humper. Get as many licks in as you can, but all of you are dead.”

State intentions and any questions you have for the prisoner.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Musing inwardly for a moment, Hawkeye comes up with a plan: ~Before she'll answer any questions, she has to fear us. We need to make her think that we're mercenary and savage. If she believes we're do-gooders, she'll defy every attempt at getting information. We need to make her think we'll kill her if she doesn't cooperate.~

Hawkeye snorts, "In the same way that you claim we are underestimating YOU, you are underestimating US. Do you know why the rich get richer, and the powerful become more powerful, while the less fortunate continue to wallow in mediocrity? It's because they see CLEARLY what they want, and they take it. That's what we do. We're not the good guys; we're the school yard bullies. We're the ones who are going to take your milk money. All that you and your friends are to us, is a paycheck. We're going to ask you some questions now. If you don't want to get shot in the head and dumped in the river, you'll answer them."

OOC: Intimidate: base roll = 83.


Upon hearing Hawkeye's declaration, Syd reinforces it by coming up behind her, blade against her neck just enough to nick the skin to draw a droplet of blood and sucks in air through his teeth and tongue (a la Hannibal Lector in "Silence of the Lambs").
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
OOC: Spent 5 to raise Aberrative to 6.

Trollick speaks to the captive in a calm factual voice. "At this point we have no interest in your gang, specifically. There was a family of four killed and buried by one of the structural supports. We are hired to kill those responsible and only those. Can you provide information that will expedite this task so there is less chance of further interference in your other activities.?"
[sblock=Negotiate]18(negotiate) + 35(tranquility) + 78(d100) = 131[/sblock]
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It’s A Dirty Job, But It Might As Well Be You Getting Paid For It

Shatterframe keeps the crammed sedan on the freeway to keep anyone from getting a fix on Enforcer 2’s location. Obrik falls silent, letting the Runners do their job.

[sblock=Intimidate] Hawkeye: (Aggression+Obscurative+Analysis)= 59+83(d100)+25(Syd assist)=167, Enforcer 2: 80+50=130 [/sblock]

Enforcer 2 does not immediately respond to the threats, but the Runners can tell they got into her head. She swallows to steady her nerves and says, “It’s not that I think that you won’t kill me, but in order for you to get what you want I have to fear you more than Scarlet Pips. I don’t. You can only kill me once, but Scarlet Pips can kill me, wake me up, and kill me again over and over just to put the fear of disloyalty in the rest of the Dead Lions.”

[sblock=Negotiate] Trollick: Readiness+Negotiate+Tranquility=74+78=152, Enforcer 2: 80+14(d100)-37(Intimidated)=57 [/sblock]

The sinister threats of Syd Vicious and Hawkeye coupled with the calm offer of a way out from Trollick breaks Enforcer 2’s will.

She opens her mouth, swallows to steady her nerves again, and says, “Scarlet Pips hired outside the gang to do the Billingtons, cause he didn’t want the blowback in case this went sideways. A couple of scabs called Mandi Pinkins and Grebeto Glitterface (the two you already have a file on) killed the family. They did the father right away, but they took their time with the mother and the kids. They did gross stuff. I’m a necromancer and I consider those two the worst kind of slime. Captain Towers saw what they did to the family, but she covered it up like she was supposed to. The problem is HPD has a reputation for looking the other way, but if this gets out it could cause a crackdown by the city council. If they had just killed the family it would be one thing, business is business after all, but the rape/torture, especially of the kids, would be too much. If it gets out, Towers won’t just lose her career over this, she’ll lose her head.”

Enforcer 2 smiles at the Runners and says, “But y’all don’t care about that. This is just work for you, I get it. Listen, you’ve got me dead to rights, but if the Dead Lions find out I squealed it will be just as bad for me as it will be for Towers. I know where Pinkins and Glitterface are holed up waiting for the heat to die down and I’ll give you the address if you agree to let me go. Then you can try and navigate your way through the Dead Lions protecting them and the HPD trying to protect their own butts. Who knows, you guys might actually live to fulfill the contract.”

She gets a sly gleam in her eyes, “On the other hand, I’ll pay you twice what your contract is on Pinkins and Glitterface right now to let me out of the car, drive off and go back to your lives. You can just say you never found them.”

State intentions and give me a list of 5 rolls. You don’t have to state what they’re for, I’ll use them as needed.
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Trollick frowns at the last comment and thinks to himself, ~like that is going to happen. Ha!~

He pulls his com-device from its pocket and sends a group message to his two friends. He does not want to share his thoughts with the prisoner. He texts, "I have no problem letting this person go, even if it means we may find ourselves future enemies. We should get the address, finish the contract, then release her. It is very likely, upon release, that her own people will do her harm."
[sblock=Random Rolls]98 + 49, 89, 17, 87, 97 + 60[/sblock]


Syd backs away from the enforcer, sheaths his sword, but keeps his machine pistol at the ready.
He quietly waits to see where this is going.

Presents for Goblins