D&D 5E These Animated Spell Cards Look Like Something From The Future

Physical spell cards which animate when you tilt them. It’s like actual magic. Rather than me describe them, click the link and take a look!


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Goblin Queen (She/Her/Hers)
A friend of mine got me the Tarokka high deck cards in these fir Christmas. They’re really cool. I’d love to get a full set of spells, but they’re so expensive and it’s only the SRD spells.

Dire Bare

Cool, but expensive. And, it is only the SRD cards.

They certainly are expensive. And that's the main reason I didn't back the Kickstarter, lack of disposable funds (and too much materialistic crap in my house as it is).

But I would hardly criticize these cards based on their cost. I'm sure it ain't cheap to make them, they ARE super-cool, and they are an optional accessory for the game. I feel they are very appropriately priced.

I also wouldn't criticize them as SRD only spells. Without a license from WotC, which would make these even more expensive, the SRD spells are the only ones they can do!

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