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5E These Animated Spell Cards Look Like Something From The Future

Physical spell cards which animate when you tilt them. It’s like actual magic. Rather than me describe them, click the link and take a look!

Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

I backed the previous project. I appreciated their professionalism, the fulfillment was great too. I'm fairly happy with the final product.

Some images don't match my vision, too much on the anime style side. But a lot of them are pretty good, so i'm happy i backed. I didn't back the new one, although i did consider it, due to the increased cost. I hope they will be made available later in shops too, so that i can complete my collection.

It would be nice if in the future you could select sets based on different artists. So that if you like the style you go with that specific set. I'm glad they're doing well because it's a great idea, and the implementation is very good.

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Dire Bare

I concede your point.

Though, I don't remember which edition this Elmore rendition of meatball swarm this is from. Did thet add marinara when you learned meatball swarm II? 😆

I still don't like the cards. Unless there is a meatball swarm one.

This is clearly an illustration of the 9th-level spell Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.


Unfortunately while I might spring for the set despite the eye watering cost - they do look amazing - my OCD would kick in at only having a very incomplete set of spells. Good for someone only using the SRD but a bit anti-climactic for people using the full breadth of spells.

Also, is it bad that I’m so emotionally invested in Gf9 that I would feel like this was some kind of a betrayal... or maybe it’s just because I finished painting their Orcus.


Archdevil's Advocate
I should get the tarot card as a gift for a friend. God knows it's not to put the abomination known as The Deck of Many Things into any campaign that I'd like to see past the third session.

It surprises me they're going with a tarot deck rather than the Deck of Many Things (which their company is actually named for). An inherently magical deck of cards seems like it would be a natural for this process.

EDIT: Whoops, they've got that already.

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