Thieves World

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Mr Fidgit

First Post
i wish now i had taken better (or more complete) notes of the earlier books i've read. there's lots of little bits of information floating about the books, so it's difficult to piece together the entire 'thieves WORLD'. anyway, here's a short list of alcoholic beverages mentioned in a few of the stories...

Baladach wine -
Red Gold - served at the Land's End races, and is Sly's 'best'
Red courage - a cheap red wine given to gladiators before they fight
Wizardwall red -
Sweetboy Special - a 'good' beer
True Brew - beer
Vuksebah - expensive liquor, amber colored

Mr Fidgit

First Post
magical happenings in Sanctuary -

Ischade is a well-known witch and vampire

Targ (Cade's companion) is werewolf (or something very close)

Khamwas the wizard has an improved familiar called a manikin, named Tjainufi

Noteable, the cat, used to be a man

again, these are just a few of the things i've jotted down about the more unusual things in Sanctuary (this, of course, doesn't include the plethora of wizards and several demi-gods living in the city....)


First Post
THings are really starting to fall together with this series. As I do the research and writing this stuff the stories are not just coming back to me but making a lot more sense. Mostly, the little details that I might have missed and not made conections with.

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