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a few points from book 3...

Kaimas - city of winged people somewhere in the north, beyond the Forgotten Pass (b3p73)(”most flying people were black or deep iridescent green or pure dark dark blue” b3p21)

trolls live in the same region - 'the gentlest of creatures', 'the most cultured of forest people', the troll Aristarchus was covered with golden gray-flecked hair and could with speak with animals

Ischade's address - “Seventh in the alley called Snake. On the right as you go from the Serpentine at Acban's Passage.” (from Enas Yorl, b3p100-1)

fish - Nya; “small schooling fish whose sweet flesh brought top price each afternoon after the catch was brought in.” (b3p136)

Docks - the Wine Barrel; “a rickety wharf-side tavern favored by the fishermen and therefore shunned by everyone else.” (b3ps142-3)

Lance of Ships - “a whale with a metal-sheathed horn proceeding from its head” (b3p146)

Aurvesh - known for its silks

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Crothian said:
They might be. It's been a while since I read through a book that had them named.

I just reread Book 1 (third time in 15 years) a few months back, so I'm pretty sure it was mentioned in there, possibly even in Hakiem's introduction. Acrtually, having just read through all your TW threads, someone else mentioned this, too.
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Okay, I never hada chance to pull ouyt the novels and do fact checking. It was a start to a campaign I never ran. So, the wind left the sails fast.

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