5E This is driving me insane. Princes of the Apocalypse question.


This is a completely insignificant question but it's driving me insane. On page 149 at the bottom there is an encounter where it says you fight bandits and they captured a black bear. The word Bandits and Black Bear are in bold. This means that they are monsters. There is no number so they should be found in the monster manual. The thing is there is no Black Bear. There is a brown bear but no black bear. I assume they want you to use the brown bear stats... but they don't explicitly say this. Usually you will see something like (use stats for brown bear) or something along those lines. There is none of this so was it an omission or something that slipped through the cracks? I mean... at one point someone wrote this book and someone wrote that there was a black bear. It was a conscious decision to NOT write brown bear and instead write black bear.

I know this is one of the most insignificant things you could possibly even think about, but it completely triggered my OCD. So IS there black bear stats I'm missing or did they just let the mistake pass quality control?