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Hello, it's Lucas from City of Brass, bringing you This Week in the Academy.

[h=3]The RPG Academy Podcast[/h]First up, our flagship show, and ENnie nominated podcast, The RPG Academy brings you:

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[h=3]Shark Bone Podcast[/h]Devon and Christopher are back for another season of Shark Bone Podcast, this week they give you:

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[h=3]Melvin Smif's Geekery[/h]Lets jump next to the ENnie nominated blog Melvin Smif's Geekery, for:

  • Storm King’s Thunder: Eh, more giants? Can you get enough of these giants? Around here we cannot. You already read Ryan Porta's review (you did read that right?), now see what an ENnie nominated blogger thinks of it!
[h=3]Redemption[/h]Live play Star Wars Podcast Redemption brings you:

  • Episode 208 – Freewill: With Tazi's father saved, the crew faces a myriad of choices, which will they make? Or will a choice be made for them? There's only one way you'll find out, and that's by listening!
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[h=3]She's a Super Geek[/h]It's time to head over to live play RPG podcast She's a Super Geek for:

  • 37 – Royal Blood: The Players: Emily and Senda are joined by fellow RPG podcasters Phil and Chris (of Misdirected Mark, Encoded Designs, and Gnome Stew), and Brett (Gaming & BS) to play Grant Howitt’snewest heist game, Royal Blood. What's that? You say I already posted this? I did, last week! But there was a bit of a mixup and that's all been cleared up now so get back to She's a Super Geek and listen!
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[h=3]AcadeCon 2016[/h]Want to mingle with a bunch of the awesome members of TheRPGAcademy Network? Join us November 11th – 13th at the Dayton Convention Center for AcadeCon 2016, Leveling Up! Get your ticket today.
[h=3]About TheRPGAcademy Network[/h]TheRPGAcademy Network is a group of podcasters, bloggers, writers, designers, and other professionals in the RPG industry. Our members currently:

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