Thoughts - elf fighter/rogue w tunnel fighter, blade mastery, elven accuracy


I didn't find anything on the search so not sure if this particular combo has been discussed before. Thought I'd chuck it on here to see what you think.

Assuming the DM allows multiclassing, UA feats and UA fighting styles, I was thinking about the character build that exploits... er, makes best use of the Tunnel Fighter fighting style. The build I came up with was an elf champion3/assassinX with the Tunnel Fighter fighting style, Blade Mastery and Elven Accuracy feats using a rapier.

Now of course it's got the usual first-round assassin nova thing going on, which is pretty cool, but it's the Tunnel Fighter shtick that makes it really dirty.

The basic strat is: move to a chokepoint, use bonus action to activate Tunnel Fighter. Any enemy that triggers an opportunity attack in your reach gets a melee attack with sneak attack damage because 1) it's not your turn and 2) Blade Mastery gives you advantage on opportunity attacks with the rapier. In addition, Tunnel Fighter gives you a (theoretically) unlimited number of opportunity attacks and occasionally, your Elven Accuracy super-advantage combined with Champion 19-20 crit-range will proc, allowing you to roll a small mountain of damage dice. Mmmmmm.

So in the optimum, stars-aligned situation with enemies ignoring you for some reason and running past you to get to the mage, you could score some pretty sweet kills.

All in all I think if I was the DM and I'd seen the character pull this trick once, I'd just have all the monsters focus fire on that character til they were 3-saves dead. So... maybe not such a great idea. :confused:

What do you guys think? Did I get anything wrong? Am I a horrible munchkin for even suggesting this? Can you make this even more munchkinny? Have we already talked tunnel fighter to death and I'm just jumping on the bandwagon now? :D

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I think the word theoretically unlimited needs to be remembered... you only get so many deciding to rush past fairly naturally as they do indeed decide to take you down instead ie when a DM roleplays the npcs the cuisinart effect rather requires something forcing them if you want nasty to happen "looks over at a certain fear spell" and add on sentinel for again and again and again effects.

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