Thread Game: Change/Add/Subtract a Letter, Ruin a D&D Creature

Like the title says. Change one letter, add one letter, or subtract one letter to ruin a D&D...

Like the title says. Change one letter, add one letter, or subtract one letter to ruin a D&D monster!


Some examples:

Orcus => Porcus
Demogorgon => Depogorgon
Asmodeus => Asmopeus​

Post yours in the comments!

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Carry-on Crawler

Old British comedy monster that can on occasion be heard emitting "ooooOooh!" and an "Oh Matron" and "Stop Messin' around" as it grumbles its meandering path though the deepest tunnels.

If this monstrosity is encountered by humanoids, women often feint in awkward positions, men often trip and feint on top of them and dodgy clerics deride themselves for not having access to the mage hand cantrip.

Can be banished with a tut and an exaggerated roll of the eyes. On the other hand if you encounter a black and white specimen, casting colour spray on it, doubles the pain it causes. From the book of Kenneths


Grick- > Prick (referring to the grandma friendly dictionary meaning of the term, and not slang, of course! :)
Mummy -> yummy
Hag -> bag, hat, ham, hug, rag
Invisible stalker -> invisible stalkee (much harder to stalk someone who is invisible)
fell taint -> felt taint (aberration made of felt!)
Fell taint -> fell paint (clean up needed in aisle 5)
Fell taint -> full taint
Fell taint -> fall taint ( not as cold as the winter taint but definitely windier than spring or summer taint)
fell taint - > fell taint (I broke the rules, no add/subtract/replace here, but really, this monster name was already ruined on its own)
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Then there are a bunch of creatures that can easily be morphed into other pre-existing creatures:

Nixie → Pixie
Pixie → Nixie
Ghast → Ghost
Ghost → Ghast
Dog → Hog
Hog → Dog
Donkey → Monkey
Monkey → Donkey
Gargoyle → Margoyle (mentioned earlier upthread but added for completeness)
Margoyle → Gargoyle
Azer → Gazer
Gazer → Azer
Ghoul → Thoul
Thoul → Ghoul
Goblin → Goblyn (from Ravenloft)
Goblyn → Goblin
Bear → Boar
Boar → Bear
Dire Bear → Dire Boar
Dire Boar → Dire Bear
Werebear → Wereboar
Wereboar → Werebear
Bat → Rat (and I suppose we can even throw "→ Cat" into the mix)
Bat Swarm → Rat Swarm
Rat Swarm → Bat Swarm
Dire Bat → Dire Rat
Dire Rat → Dire Bat
Werebat → Wererat
Wererat → Werebat
Eagle → Beagle
Beagle → Eagle
Mule → Mul (Dark Sun human/dwarf hybrid)
Mul → Mule
Orc → Orca
Orca → Orc
Naga → Nagpa (Mystara's vulturefolk)
Nagpa → Naga
Rat → Rast
Rast → Rat
Roc → Rom (undead giants from Al-Qadim)
Rom → Roc
Skulk → Skunk
Skunk → Skulk
Howler → Yowler
Yowler → Howler



Staff member
Invisible Stalker => Invisible Starker (it’s NEKKID!)

Fell Taint => Fell Ain‘t (they may wobble, but they’re not falling over)

Cyclops => Cyclaps (Giant-sized, enthusiastic, one armed audience member)

Owlbear => Cowlbear (caped superhero of the forest)

Owlbear => Owbear (Magical near/porcupine hybrid)

Owlbear => Oilbear (sea-adapted bears hunted for their fur AND blubber)

Skeleton => Skeletone (bony undead with musically tuned rib cages)


Doppelganger -> DoppleZander (when it’s me that’s being duplicated; technically two letter swaps but my dopplezander and I couldn’t resist)

Demilich -> Femilich (similar to demiliches but can be placated with the magical words ‘yes, dear’)

Displacer Beast -> Displacer Breast (similar to a mimic but can only take the shape of a push-up bra)

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