Thread Game: Change/Add/Subtract a Letter, Ruin a D&D Creature

Like the title says. Change one letter, add one letter, or subtract one letter to ruin a D&D monster!


Some examples:

Orcus => Porcus
Demogorgon => Depogorgon
Asmodeus => Asmopeus​

Post yours in the comments!
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Time to ruin some outer planes creatures....

Barbazu (Bearded Devil) → Barfazu (Ugh! The vomit's stuck in his beard! Gross!)​
Barbed Devil → Garbed Devil (Much more into the latest trendy fashion designers than evil.)​
Bone Devil → Boner Devil (The visual's actually hurting my brain on this one.)​
Chain Devil → Chair Devil (Look out - he's got a recliner and he's not afraid to use it!)​
Hellcat → Hellcoat (A fiendish variant of the cloaker?)​
Lemure → Demure (Much too shy to actually try attacking you.)​
Pit Fiend → Lit Fiend (He's actually too stoned to do you much harm.)​
Pit Fiend → Pot Fiend (Ditto.)​
Dretch → Drench (It's always sopping wet.)​
Glabrezu → Gabrezu (It'll talk your ear off, that one.)​
Vrock → Frock (It's really quite fetching.)​
Astral Deva → Gastral Deva (He's got no stomach for evil.)​
Hound Archon → Mound Archon (Likes to hang around the middle of baseball fields.)​
Trumpet Archon → Strumpet Archon (Sure to be found on the "Random Harlot Table" in Mount Celestia.)​
Planetar → Plantar (He's concerned about the goodness in your sole.)​



Staff member
Dragon => Fragon (product of a mad wizard’s experiment, this red dragon/troll hybrid blows itself up, sending shrapnel everywhere...then regenerates itself and eats whatever didn’t survive.)

Stone Golem => Stole Golem (made of animated brocaded cloth, this is among the most delicate of all golems)

Chimaera => Phimaera (a lion and goat headed creature with a snake for a tail, this creature manipulates magnetism to catch prey)

Manticore => Panticore (this monster flings underwear at its foes, mortally embarrassing them)


Victoria Rules
Gnome = Gnope. 'Nuff said...
Kobold = Gobold...or go home.
Manticore = Mantibore. The monologuing villain to end all monologuing villains.
Ogre Mage = Ogre Wage. They're due a raise soon.
Owlbear = Owlfear, a phobia of nocturnal birds.
Purple Worm = Purple Dorm. Ah, college...
Rust Monster = Dust Monster. A vacuum-cleaner brand that almost caught on but lost out to the similarly-named Dustbuster.
Stone Giant = Scone Giant. Tea, anyone?
Umber Hulk = Umber Bulk. Same monster; only somewhat overweight and unable to fit into its own living space.


Lord of the Hidden Layer
Beholder => Seholder. Instead of an anti-magic zone in its eye, a decanter of endless water in its mouth.

Beholder => Zeholder. The Dutch version of the above.
Or mutant beholder whose eye field operates to cast Sleep in the zone when its eye is closed.


Staff member
Ki-Rin => Pi-Rin (a circular celestial goat)

Illithid => Billithid (predatory psionic humanoids who feed on psychic energy produced by confusing invoices)


Victoria Rules
A legitimate typo of mine the other day gave me this one:

Blue Dragon = Blur Dragon. It's so hard to see that you can't quite tell what colour it is until it's too late.

There's also

Ki-Rin = Ki-Gin. Psychic powers used when the Monk is drunk.

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