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Thread Game: Change/Add/Subtract a Letter, Ruin a D&D Creature

Like the title says. Change one letter, add one letter, or subtract one letter to ruin a D&D monster!


Some examples:

Orcus => Porcus
Demogorgon => Depogorgon
Asmodeus => Asmopeus​

Post yours in the comments!
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Mimic ---> Mumic

An undead mimic which poses as a sarcophagus. The mummy inside is covered in gems to be a false target and lure potential victims closer. The exact process for creating a Mumic is shrouded in mystery. Of the few encountered, some seem to have a connection to Arcane magic and some seem to be more Divine in nature.

If Arcane: Rumors suggest that, if the Mumic eats a spell caster, it has a 1 in 6 chance to learn how to cast a spell known to that caster. The typical Arcane Mumic knows 2 cantrips: Chill Touch, and one other cantrip chosen from any arcane class's spell list. An Arcane Mumic has the ability to cast Chill Touch as a bonus action three times per encounter. Additionally, an Arcane Mumic typically knows 1d8 1st-Level-Spells (which can be from any arcane class's list); it can cast each of those spells once during an encounter. An Arcane Mumic uses its choice of either CON or INT to determine spell attack bonus and save DCs. Necromancy spells are the most common known, but an Arcane Mumic is not limited to necromancy.

If Divine: The Mumic was created to serve as a guardian for [insert thing or person here]'s burial treasure. A Divine Mumic has knows 4 1st-Level-Spells chosen from either the Cleric or Paladin spell list; a Divine Mumic also has 4 1st-Level-Spell slots. It can use it's spell slots either to cast spells or to Smite -similar to a Paladin of 3rd Level, but the damage can be either necrotic or radiant. Additionally, a Divine Mimic has two uses of Channel Divinity: Path to The Grave (as a Grave Domain Cleric) and Champion Challenge (as an Oath of the Crown Paladin). A Divine Mumic uses either CON or WIS to determine spell attack bonus and save DCs. Typical spells known by a Divine Mumic are Command, Inflict Wounds, Bane, and Wrathful Smite (but others are possible).

More Advanced Mumics: Higher spell slots are possible (but will increase bookkeeping for the DM). Other options may include having the body inside the Mumic be an animated skeleton which joins the fight. Lair actions may be appropriate depending on the encounter.

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Mimic => Momic these shapeshifters feed on the psychic energy of embarrassment, and harvest it by disguising themselves until they can pounce, slicking down your hair with spit, using your middle name, and chiding you for not dressing warmly enough or not contacting your poor mom.


BeeHolder: Just an evil beekeeper

TreeAnt: Literally just ants

Wrath: Wraiths but angrier

Whyvern: These ones are a bit more ponderous

Diva: A very sassy angel

Lying Sword: Hey...this sword doesn't heal people!

Drown: Dark elves that learned to swim

Lettercap: Great writers but something bugs me

Happies: Yay! Just cheerful bird women. They sing you to sleep.

Night shags: uh, ask your parents

Mommies: perfect undead to ask about the previous monster


Here are some more, straight from the original Fiend Folio:

Assassin Bug → Assassin Pug - Who's a bad dog? You are! Oh, yes you are!​
Crabman → Crapman - It's "Mr. Hankey" with legs!​
Dark Creeper → Dark Cheeper - A baby chicken with black feathers​
Dark Stalker → Dark Talker - So basically just a Goth​
Dune Stalker → Dung Stalker - Look out, Mr. Hankey!​
Flail Snail → Frail Snail - Its shell is really, really thin​
Giant Strider → Giant Stridex - That ought to clear up that acne for good!​
Hellcat → Hellocat - "Hello Kitty" when she becomes an adult​
Hook Horror → Book Horror - A horrid monster who (gasp) writes in books!
Lava Child → Java Child - All that coffee's going to stunt your growth, kid!​
Scarecrow → Sparecrow - For when your original crow flies away and doesn't come back (or worse yet, gets baked in a pie with 23 others)​
Shadow Demon → Shadow Lemon - A tasty fruit from the Plane of Shadows​
Shocker → Shucker - An "ear seeker" of a different kind, focusing on corn​
Volt → Dolt - Okay, this one's just plain dumb!​
Xvart → Xfart - The little guy dealt it!​
Yellow Musk Zombie → Mellow Musk Zombie - "Dude, chill out! It's not like I'm going to eat your brains or anything!"​


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