[Thread Game] D&D Monsters A-Z

Vyvyan Basterd



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Wow - the board crash really did a number on this thread. "Pyrohydra" is back to being the most recent input; by my counting, we've been through the alphabet a full nine times after this entry was originally posted. How do we want to proceed - or even do we? I can post the names of the monsters we had originally posted, but I don't have any of the pictures.

Shall we try to rebuild, or just let this thread die? What's the consensus?



First Post
I can post the names of the monsters we had originally posted, but I don't have any of the pictures.
Well, if you still have the names, I'd love to see them posted again. This timewarp was really pretty bad. I'm quite sure I could find all of the images I posted again, but I guess, letting it die is fine, too. It did run a lot longer than I would have ever thought, so I consider it quite an achievement, already. Thanks everyone for contributing!


Well then, as requested, these should be the monsters we added to the thread after the point where we "rewound" to get back to where we are now.

A - Abyssal Ant Swarm, Angel of Death, Air Mephit, Aballin, Aoa (Droplet), Alu-Fiend, Aleax, Ahuizotl, Ammut, Asherati

B - Baku, Body Thief, Balhonnoth, Bearhound, Blibdoolpoolp, Balaena, Bargda, Blue, Bombardier Beetle (Giant), Baphomet

C - Clock Roach, Changeling, Carapace, Colossus (Stone), Cloud Ray, Carrion Hound, Camel of the Pearl, Chilblain, Century Worm, Cold Woman

D - Dark Caller, Deathbringer, Dispater, Death Knight, Dracolisk, Dust Wight, Dust Digger, Devourer, Deinonychus, Dao

E - Eurypterid, Exalted Brain in a Jar, Erythnul, Effigy Creature, Entropic Reaper, Electric Eel, Ether Scarab, Earth Mephit, Ethergaunt (Black), Eater of Knowledge

F - Fungal Creature, Fraz-Urb'Luu, Fire Toad, Fhorge, Flesh Golem, Fetch, Feylaar, Fossergrim, Fang Dragon, Fireshadow

G - Giant (Sun), Gremlin, Glaistig, Gynosphinx, Godzilla, Gorilla Bear, Gnome, Gelatinous Cube, Gathra, Goblin

H - Hollow Serpent, Haagenti, Hebi-no-onna, Hound of the Gloom, Hydra, Hoar Fox, Hellfire Wyrm, Halfling (Athasian), Hamster (Giant Space), Howling Dragon

I - Inphidian, Impersonator, Inspired, Ice Mephit, Ixzan, Ilsidahur, Imorph, Ichthyocentaur, Ice Weird

J - Jorri, Jorogumo, Jaebrin, Jyoti, Jarilith, Jade Dragon, Jack-o-lantern, Jeral, Jalath'gak, Jarnkung

K - K'r'r'r, Kirre, Kluzd, Kappa, Kalothagh, Kelp Angler, Kruthik, Krakentua, Karrnathi Zombie

L - Lamia Matriarch, Lizardfolk (Blackscale), Legendary Bear, Lamhigyn, Lupinal, Lynkhab, Lock Lurker, Loadstone Marauder, Larva

M - Maftet, Masked Power, Megalodon, Magma Mephit, Malcanthet, Monkey, Murderoid, Mammon, Mezzodaemon

N - Needletooth Swarm, Neo-Otyugh, Neh-Thalggu, Nocticula, Nethersight Mastiff, Nehwon Ghoul, Nightwalker, Nightcrawler, Nergal

O - Obsidian Man, Oblivion Moss Mindmaster, Orca, Orog, Ostego, Odem, Oaken Defender, Oublivae, Olive Slime

P - Polonium Dragon, Phoelarch, Plague Walker, Plague Blight, Pale Night, Piranha Swarm, Pink Dragon, Psion-Killer, Pigeontoad

Q - Quom Enforcer, Quorcraft Warforged, Queen of Chaos, Qeh'thral, Quasi-Elemental of Steam, Queen of Air and Darkness, Qiqirn, Queen of the Depths (Umberlee), Queen of the Abyss

R - Red Sundew, Rastipede, Redspawn Firebelcher, Rhyxali, Red Widow, Ravenkin, Razor Boar, Razorwing, Runic Guardian

S - Shrieking Terror, Slicer Beetle, Splinter Waif, Shadow Asp, Sylph, Shami-Amourae, Simpathetic, Swarm Shifter, Sandman

T - Turalglas the Ebon Maw, Taer, Teyella, Tangleweed, Tiamat, Tomb Tapper, Thessalmera, Tyrannosaurus, Tembo

U - Umber Ravager, Utuchekulu, Unisus, Ugulu-No-Oni, Undead Martyr, Ulnumaru, Ubu, Ubashki Swarm, U'thic

V - Valpurgeist, Vortex, Vermiurge, Verin (The Voice of Graz'zt), Vilstrak, Valenar Elf, Vishap, Vizier's Turban, Vrykolaka

W - Wolverine, Wrackspawn, Werewolf, Wind Ghost, Walking Wall, Wyste, Web Mummy, Witherstench, Wererat

X - Xaositect Mob, Xoveron, Xxyth, Xixxit, Xurgelmek, Xiir, Xavarathimius the Everlasting Wyrm, Xanscilathampos, Xaxathart the Retributer

Y - Yugoloth (Canoloth), Yugoloth (Mezzoloth), Yugoloth (Dergholoth), Yugoloth (Skeroloth), Yethil, Yangethe, Yeshom, Yig, Yuan-ti Mageslayer

Z - Zhentarim Spirit, Zern (Arcanovore), Zeitian, Zeitgeist, Zygraat, Zombie (Salt), Zanassu the Spider Demon, Zakharan Roc, Zaphkiel

I believe we left off at "I," the last entry that I was aware of being the Howling Dragon. Of course, it's possible that someone posted an "I" entry that I didn't get a chance to see before the boards crashed, so there's that possibility.

But in any case, I'm fine with letting this die. It had a 9-month run and it only stopped due to circumstances beyond our control. Of course, I'm also fine with picking up where we left off, although we'll probably never recover all of the pictures of the monsters listed above.

In any case, kudos to all participants in this thread. It's been fun!



Devil of Chance
I'm fine to let it die if that's what you guys want. I can't believe it reverted this thread so far back... In a moment I'll repost the complete list except for this last run I was away for.

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