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Last weekend I was on in-uniform. I spent some time afterward observing more quietly. These are two sections:

Player1 stalks down the path through the trees on quiet footpads, head slung low and on the hunt.
Player2 with the large wolf that stays quite close to her at all times she lays out beneath a tree. Her head propped up onto the wolf's belly, she holds a book open reading it quietly. The wolf appears lazy with his movement of watching the garden, his ears flick this way and that. But, he remains still.
Player1 stops in her tracks on picking up the scent of the wolf, eyes narrowing...
Player2 points to a paragraph and her voice comes out in a lazy lull, "That'd be painful..." she points out to the wolf. Turning his head the wolf looks down to what she points to, and nudges her softly. Smiling she reaches up rubbing the side of his face, her fingers burried into the thick pelt.
Player1 suddenly BOLTS from the underbrush, looking to try to take a chunk out of Player2 - provided her wolf-friend doesn't intercept her...
Player2 hears the comotion both do, she rises quickly to her feet but the wolf is quicker. His teeth open the alpha-male lunges forward towards the attacker. Falling bakcwards she's on her butt, but again up to her feet. Her eyes wide both in shock, and from the scare she withdraws the blade from her hip.
Player1 collides with Player2's wolf full-bore with the clear intent to take it out of the battle.
Player3 steps out of the tavern shifting into his half dragon form
Player2 snaping fangs, and harsh claws swing at the attacker. Player2 quickly moves after her wolf, the sword held in one hand she picks up stones and hurtles them at the other wolf. "Leave, go, get!" She yells.
Player3 says, "Looks at the battle with an edge of curiosaty"
Player1 dodges and feints, holding her ground with the wolf, teeth lashing out at its forelegs to try to cripple it.
Player3 also steps over
Player3 just waches as shadows curl around his feet
Player2 the wolf backs up his hackles raised avoiding being bit. He swings a paw with the chains swinging around along the shackles, attempting to bat off the other wolf. Again picking up another rock she throws it at the wolf; her steps are light as she backs up with her wolf.
Player1 shrugs off the rock's impact on her front flank, looking for an opening to get at Player2 in between snapping at the wolf between them.
Player2 throws rocks at her own cel phone instead.... goes so afk
Player1 continues her onslaught, teeth making all manner of small openings on her opponent wolf as she pushes to her eventual prey...
Player3 mumbls somthing and the shadows begin to spread out from him and twords the large wolf
Player1 's player mutters.
Player1 turns to Player3, snarling - and starts to back away.
Player3 acualy begins to laugh
Player3 the shadows come back to him
Player1 sniffs at him as his shadows retreat and she stops backing up.
Player3 pops his wings as the shados curl themselfs around his arms
Player3 says, "shadows*"
Player1 bolts!
Player3 turns into his dragon form and moves into the woods

PlayerA comes from the sky upon those massive wing, but they quickly fold and he drops, landing within a tree's thick limb with some nimbleness.
PlayerB 's eyes havent registered just yet who or what just tried to bite PlayerC
PlayerC glares at the wolf....
PlayerB Narrows his eyes just as he brings his wand in front of him to point at the wolf
PlayerC takes a steadied defensive stance, sword arched above her head..
PlayerD leaps to follow, gaining more height as her jaws snap onto empty air, missing my inches
PlayerA snorts loudly and then unleashes a mighty roar, digging down deep into the bark and flips off. He lands on the ground with a heavy thud, drawing both his sword and shield, then his wings evaporate from existance.
PlayerB Releases two bluish-white icey rays from his wand at the wolf
PlayerC does a backflip in the air, and in her descent, she shouts, "Halt!", Using a Command Spell...
PlayerB Feels the thud of PlayerA and is distracted for a moment
PlayerB . o O ( what in the nine hells! )
PlayerB Glances towards the trees
PlayerA skulks towards the wolf, revealing that natural hunger in his eyes. Those massive eyes gleam in the light, revealing his vicious nature.
PlayerC says, "Stay back...or I will cut you down!"
PlayerC 's face turns into absolute rage, adopting this from her Brother's fighting persona.
PlayerC 's sword glows an intense bright yellow aura....
PlayerB . o O ( damn that creature! )
PlayerB Turns to look back at the wolf
PlayerD snarls as she shrugs off the command, eyes taking in three opponents...
PlayerB Brings his eyes to meet the wolves should she be looking at him
PlayerC . o O ( What the Hell? Never seen this creature before...why did it attack me? )
PlayerA 's powerful claws grip the hilt tightly and then he turns to face PlayerB. He growls loudly, bringing the sword about for a powerful blow to the side.
PlayerD leaps and dodges, the rays missing as she sees PlayerA swing at PlayerB, takes this as a sign to get to PlayerC!
PlayerB Unawares, he is caught by PlayerA's blade
PlayerB Feels the impact, then the sharp pain..his eyes clearly show his surprise as well
PlayerA roars and brings his shield about to wack PlayerB's face, then a boot to the chest...if possible.
PlayerC unleashes Hell in Sword, as she looks at the oncoming Wolf, "Zenzo Thundo Waaave!" She is even blown back by the awesome force her blade unleashes, as an explosive arc of Lightning, 15 feet long, comes sizzling at the Wolf!
PlayerB Flies to the ground..but not before he is also hit with the shield
PlayerB Dazed, he tries to crawl away from his new opponent
PlayerB leaves a blood trail as he crawls away

These are not from the Clearing. These are from the Garden. PLEASE REMEMBER the Garden has essentially the same setting rules as the Tavern itself, which makes sense. The Garden is right outside the Tavern, i.e., still in the center of town. The Clearing is outside of town. But the rules for the Garden are clear enough:

(1) NO FIGHTING. One MINOR exchange of blows is allowed to initialize combat, then someone runs in the direction of the Clearing, or someone magically transfers everyone to the Clearing, or make up your own reason, but do it.
(2) NO ANIMAL FORMS. No players as animals. Companion/service/familiar animals must not act as independent player characters or someone from the town guard or the tavern staff will come and put a leash and muzzle on them and take them away to be examined for rabies. (Note: this is a post-mortem test.)
(3) NO WINGS. No angel wings. No demon wings. No dragons. No fangs. No were-shapes. Nothing that shouldn't be shown in the tavern is allowed in the Garden either.

The full list of rules? Here: Tavern Rules

And NO FIGHTING! The Clearing is for fighting. The Clearing is where characters are allowed to show off their true forms. Any of this would have been fine in the Clearing, just please PLEASE keep it out of the Garden.

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