To our enemies

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Agudo Archmage

Swirl of blue and white mist, gently surrounds the last proclamation.
Leaving behind an elegant yellowed parchment.

To the Redeemers that I have allied myself with, in the war on Thay.
Do to the sudden death of Elistor, by what I have heard to be assassins.

I find myself wondering about just “who” the enemy is?

Was the assassin from Thay?
Or is this another enemy of the Redeemers, closer to your organization.

And speaking of your organization of self-pro claimed Redeemers.
I have yet to find out more information on the Redeemers.

I would be most interested in hearing for what the Redeemers stand for now.
As well as some hint, to your words in the last note left here.


((….your fear of a past that should have been dead and buried.))

What is this past you speak of?

To be honest I received anonymous notes saying the Redeemers were once enemies of all Magic users!

Is this true?
Or just an attempt at smearing your good name?

Your compatriot
Agudo the Archmage of Light


First Post
A slim elven woman approaches and reads. She moves to a table nearby and writes for a time, and then pins the message up


Your brother Elistor foolishly jumped into taking on a bounty for a man that he knew nothing of. I warned him of his foolishness, but it seems my words went unheeded. All those who take up the job of bounty hunter put their necks out to be sliced by those they hunt, and those loyal to those they hunt. If he was so inept that he was slain by those who defended Edena, it is his own stupidity, not our ill will.

You would be wise to drop this foolishness now. For many of us remember. And we will band together. You may get some of us, but in the end, we will be sure that for any of us who fall, at least two of yours will fall. Consider this before you do something stupid.

If you are as peaceful and law abiding as you say, seek out the authorities in this "murder" of your brother. Show us that your words are not mere illusions, but are true and that you stand behind them.

The note is simply signed with a stylised K




((Lion stalks up and puts up an agreement statement))

I agree with the Lady.

((Stalks off))

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