To the good people of Juxta

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First Post

I find it interesting, that your words are for those patrons found inhabiting Juxtaposition, and yet listed among all those worlds you seek to Bring back to the Light, Juxta is not among them.

I find it interesting, that a place open to all worlds and times, is forgotten upon your list of places to purify and bring peace amongst. Surely Juxta, being a haven to all those mentioned above, would be first upon your list to bring a resolution of Light to...

We shall see I suppose, no?

It will be interesting, to see what comes I should think. And to see if these Redeemers of new, are as corrupted and fallen to the wayside, as those of days long past.

Have the Solarus' of old, finally died, or do they simply rise again with a new name and face?

As I have said before... this is to be most interesting.

~Kyra, house Carnette

Juxta is a Place of Neutrality, and always will be. Juxta is a place of law, and always will be.
We respect that Neutrality. We respect that law.
I spoke of law and order before: we the Redeemers respect the laws of Juxta, and will always respect the laws of Juxta.
It is the wizards who respect no law. Except the law that might makes right. And the law that any insane research into the forbidden, shall be followed to it's tragic end.
At least the kender of Krynn can be excused, for that is their inherent nature. What excuse do human, elven, gnomish, and now dwarven wizards have?


((Elistor places this on the board))


First Post

I had thought, things were going to be interesting...

I think, indeed, even though time has passed, and trails undertaken, the Redeemers remain just as they have always been.

I was wrong, about it being interesting. These are all the old games of the past, simply being played out by new faces. The dead still play as Leader's of your faith, even though the earth above their bodies has settled and greened.

It will not be interesting, but perhaps, it will be amusing. We shall see what comes...

Some of us remember.. do you?

~Kyra, house Carnette



It is quite clear

Redeemers...I welcome you to try and change the unchangeable. It will be a good death.

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