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Kai Lord

Hi everyone,

I've chosen the 26 characters that I'm forwarding to Todd to narrow down to 10. I will post all but one of them here. No amount of begging or pleading will cause the 26th character to be revealed. ;) I must say it was truly a pleasure to read pages and pages of such rich gaming history. I can't wait to see the winner, and for everyone else, I hope the excitement of this contest was an enjoyable thrill. A lot of great characters, a lot of great campaigns.

And the Top 25 characters are:

1. Zanatose Everhate
2. Mejin A’koss
3. Arianna Flamelocks
4. Lord Ardel Varn
5. Qayath-Otuph-ibn-Phyk
6. Antares Dlardrageth
7. Dranko Blackhope
8. Quillathe Nailo
9. Krail Stromquism
10. Guthric Battlehammer
11. Liandra Amakiir
12. Jacc Swinn
13. Ixin
14. Vleqh
15. Tagar and Whitefang
16. Frederick of Edgewater
17. Arlis Duskrider
18. Khorad ip Ehsan ip Farjad
19. Crystal Tigerstorm
20. Talinthas Shadeslayn
21. Haldiir Kaldeskyre
22. Gratis
23. Mardak Shortcloak
24. Balin Cormaeril
25. Grenloke

[UPDATE] Also added:

27. Sharantyr Al’shably
28. T'aria
29. Branduil
30. Angcuru Melaroira

Congratulations! :D
Todd will choose his favorite 10 sometime between now and the 15th. I will post the 10 semifinalists as a poll on the 15th, and you all will vote for your favorite. The Final 3 will be sent back to Todd, and he'll choose the winner. Congratulations to the 25...er 26...er 30...quarterfinalists!

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He's keeping 26 a secret since he wants there to be a slot open where everyone can think that perhaps their character MAY be the 26th. Kinda like how they load all but one of the rifles in an execution squad.:cool:

:rolleyes:*wonders who the 26th is*:rolleyes:

Jon Potter

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Kai Lord, thanks again for sponsoring such a cool contest! You're a solid example of what make EN World great!

How many entries were there total? Do you have a final count?

My wife is psyched that Ixin made the first cut! And to think that I almost didn't enter her.:eek:

Kai Lord

And the entries are away! I just forwarded them all to Todd, he'll let me know his favorite 10 between now and the 15th. I did tell him that if he considers one entry to be far and away his favorite, that we might just skip the poll and declare it the winner.

Otherwise the Top 10 will be announced in just under two weeks.

Oh...and it seems I got a little "cut and paste" happy when writing the email to Todd and on a whim extended the list...in my enthusiasm I went ahead and added four characters by the names of Sharantyr Al’shably, Branduil, T'aria, and Angcuru Melaroira to the list.

Congratulations! Todd Lockwood might be reading about your characters as we speak!

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