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Top Ten Epic Deaths in my D&D Campaigns!


Just my top ten best deaths from 0D&D games of the last few years... What's yours?

10. Eaten by a lion that snuck up on us in the deep grass of the Savannah.
9. Falling into the crevasse after failing the climbing check.
8. Being electrocuted after stumbling into that magical dungeon trap.
7. Kicking then grabbing a second blade in a flashy move to intimidate, only to die a round later after missing with both blades and being speared to death.
6. Shot by a Gnoll archer in the ruined Temple.
5. Nailed by a Scorpion spear while besieging a coastal town with my pirate friends.
4. Being overrun and eaten by the insect men.
3. Being beheaded by the Minotaur after pushing too deep into the dungeon.
2. Eaten and swallowed by the Dragon in one bite in the Jungle Pyramid.
1. Prevented a TPK by holding the passageway in the Underdark against the hordes of the Dark Dwarves and buying escape time for the rest of the party!

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No order but these are some of mine from Darksun and Eberron-

1- Darksun- Battling a psionic giant on a cliff edge. Kill it but it falls on a player. Player falls 150ft and dies. Giant falls onto him.....squish. Rock giant had falls onto him..... more squish.

2- Darksun- find a black glass orb in Dragon-king's lab. assume it to be an ball of obsideon used for dragon transformation. Shatter it on ground at his feet. Released Black ooze consumes foot and much of leg.

3- Eberron- Player rolls five natural 1's in a row. Dies after creature has rolled second natural 20.

4- Eberron- Player assumes he can do anything and as a DM I will keep him alive. One foot decides to provoke a hobgoblin on horseback whom is doing military maneuvers with 30+ other hobgoblins. Beheads him on first pass. Player is shocked and annoyed that I did this to his character.

5- Eberron- warforged monk peeks head up through ladder entrance after party battles 20+ fiends. Huge sized feind rolls and sneak attacks said monk. natural 20. Dead.