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Trailblazer Success Stories?


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So any successful applications of the system optimizer (other than the developers?) Please share, I have to live vicariously right now...no bandwidth to run a new campaign, playing and/or running too many right now :eek:

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I meant to say more in the xp.

So, I'm in three games of which I'm running two. One is a 4e game I'm playing in. I'm running my son solo in a BECMI game through B4 Lost City. I'm also running my brother, nephew, and son through a Trailblazer game.

I'm running them through the WotC 3e adventure path. Sunless Citadel is up first and they're having a blast. Because we only have a ranger, cleric, and barbarian, the starting hit point rules, 10-minute-rest rules, and action points are all playing a fantastic role towards keeping these guys in the game and not having to withdraw and heal up.

Every now and then I pull out the elite and solo templates to make some monsters more epic, they don't know any better but they're loving those moments because the tension really ramps up as their resources are getting chewed up!

The adventure gives them ample opportunity to camp for a night rest in the ruins, but they hadn't needed more than 10-minute rest every now and then. Everyone is having a blast, and since this is my nephew's first exposure to D&D on the tabletop, he's enjoying himself so much he's begging my brother to fix his work schedule to we can game more. Compared to Skyrim, KotOR, Neverwinter Nights, our Trailblazer game in my basement is holding its own.

I've decided to bring in some of the Trailblazer elements into my BECMI game with my son. The 10-minute-rest and higher starting hit points for one.


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Eric, Thank you for the feedback. Sounds like some good games going on there (and you have your hands full running/playing three different systems.)


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We had two good mid-level (7-9) TB-light campaigns over the summer; no AP, no short rest, and no extra HP at first level, but it still played pretty nicely (yeah, I know, I'm going to just get slaughtered here for saying that... :p ). Particularly pleasing compared to core 3.5 was that my fighter / ranger did better in melee than our druid in the first campaign, though sneak attacking undead in the second campaign was also quite nice. Our arcanists really did start to outpace everyone else by about 9th, though, and the TB game which is currently running at my school (though in which I am not playing) is evidently using short rest and AP to compensate.

Eric: Now you've got me wanting to run Sunless again... grr / arg. It was a fun module, though.


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A monk, a fighter, and a Fighter/Wizard who is going to be an Arcane Archer (which I ruled to have 0.5 BMB progression) are in my War of the Burning Sky campaign. A great system and a great campaign so far. I have ruled that constructs and undead can't be critted/sneak attacked, and we use 3.5s standard AoO rules, because we are used to them (and my players were never the wussy type who wouldn't charge an ogre out of fear of an AoO anyway :) )

Combat reactions took some getting used to, more for me than for my players.


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I'm playing in a andventure path and we are slowly introdusing TB in it. We did the skills and the attacks And now the magic. But with all the magic items we won't use the action points. The game is getting better and better.

I had a full TB in the summer other than the players chossing classes not in the TB book, we all had a blast. Fast a fun game.

I ran a Dark Sun/TB last fall, It was real good. Low magic campagn, with psionic bard instead of magic. The only thing is that they allways forgot the Reaction points and the Action Points, so I made them some tokens and it realy help.

We love TB and won't play without it.

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