Traps in DMG I


Are the traps in the DMG reprinted in any of the essential books? It seems that most of the other things are in the Rules Compendium... What about traps and hazards and such?

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From the Dungeon Master Book (from the Dungeon Master's Kit):

Traps and Hazards
False-Floor Pit (Level 1 Trap)
Rockslide (Level 1 Hazard)
Spear Gauntlet (Level 2 Trap)
Magic Crossbow Turret (Level 3 Trap)
Pendulum Scythes (Level 4 Trap)
Whirling Blades (Level 5 Trap)
Poisoned Dart Wall (Level 6 Trap)
Glyph of Warding (Level 7 Trap)
Flame Jet (Level 8 Trap)
Electrified Floor (Level 10 Trap)
Spectral Tendrils (Level 13 Trap)
Field of Everflame (Level 18 Hazard)
Entropic Collapse (Level 23 Hazard)
Soul Gem (Level 26 Trap)
Sphere of Annihilation (Level 29 Trap)

Fantastic Terrain
Blood Rock
Bolt Stone
Cave Slime
Defiled Ground
Fey Circle
Mirror Crystal

Almost every encounter in the various Essentials adventures has additional fantastic terrain. The only other traps/hazards are a Falling Portcullis Trap encountered towards the end of the DM Kit adventure.

The Rules Compendium has rules for Traps and Hazards, but none of the actual examples from the DM Book. It describes the same fantastic terrain, with the exclusion of slides, but does not include the information for scaling terrain effects to different tiers of play that is in the DM Book.
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Thank you! I'm debating on whether to sell my DMG and get the Dungeon master's kit...

I sold my DMG a few months ago to remove some clutter and because I thought it was as junked as I knew the numbers in PHB1 and MM1 had become. a way I was right, but the new Dungeon Master book in the Kit isn't all the DMG1 was. The new book reprints a lot of stuff from the DMG1 and the new Essentials Rules Compendium, but doesn't have that feeling of completeness that a DMG1 has.

IMO, if you are going after a new DMG book -- go for the DMG2. Great buy.

The other stuff in the Kit is pretty cool. It gives you tokens, a little terrain, and an adventure. Like Flobby said, you have to weight your options.


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