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Ever run a 5th Edition game and wonder where an important GM-facing rule is? Ever design a dungeon-crawl and grimace when all the PCs can see in the dark unaided? What are torches for in this edition, anyway?

Throw out your game master guide* and use this instead! Treasures Just Beyond - O5R GM Hack is here for you!

Treasures Just Beyond - O5R GM Hack is a super handy, 28-page reference guide and crawling-rules compilation formatted to be printed out as an A5 booklet: just open it in Adobe Acrobat, select Booklet, print, and staple! (You'll want a long arm stapler: buy, barter for, or steal** one today!)

It compiles the best, fastest route to getting PCs playing in that "old-school" style where light, inventory, and careful exploration matters. On the GM's side, it's got all the hazards, trap rules, and object interaction mechanics you'll ever need. Plus, it features robust social interaction and exploration rules, as well as some new twists on monster rules, all packed into a super-useful, reference-friendly layout.

In these pages, you'll get killer new "house" rules and references like these:
  • Full dungeon-crawl, hex-crawl, and even settlement-crawling rules utilizing Event Dice.
  • Extremely-simple-yet-robust social rules using old-school reaction rolls.
  • PC defense rolls: Players better pay attention even if it's not their turn!
  • Old-school morale rules, as well as simple rules and guidelines for boss monsters and minions.
  • Updated procedures dungeon, wilderness, and settlement "turns" that fit on a single page!
With Treasures Just Beyond - O5R GM Hack, everything you need to give your 5th Edition games that old-school feel, and run it smoothly, is right at your fingertips!

*Don't throw it out! It's got all the cool magic items in it, and vaguely okay downtime rules!

**Don't steal stuff!

Cover image by Dean Spencer. All Rights Reserved.

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